Monday, June 21, 2010

Madame Jae's presents PROM NIGHT!

Madame Jae Presents


Recently, Madame Salon’s crack marketing group hooked up with the local Scout troops. In an effort to promote diversity, citizenship, and promoting values like saying no to underage drinking and unprotected sex, four senior Scouts and their dads who were also Scoutmasters were transformed into eight lovely visions of femininity who would attend a special Madame Jae’s prom as pretty teen girls and their “mom” chaperones.

The winners were (drum roll please…)

-Alex Collins, 17 and his dad, investment banker Jack, 40, who became a pair of cute All-American blue-eyed blondes: Ashli and her mom Jenna. Aren’t they adorable?

-Marcus Stavros, 18, and his dad – local deli owner Conrad, 42, who were “reborn” as Greek beauties Michelle and mama Cherie. Such ice-breaking smiles they both have.

-Douglas Cohen, the youngest winner at 16, and dad Dr. Neal Cohen, 41, who were girlishly transformed to become sweet Dania and her beautiful mom Nicole.

- 17 year old Stefon Jones (well known as a top prep athlete) and dad/coach Freddie Jones were now the stylish and svelte daughter-mother tandem of Serena and Faith.

The families were chosen by a blue ribbon family after extensive interviews and review of the students academic and community records. It was also recognized that the fathers were all single and raising one boy alone while maintaining important jobs and being active fathers. Madame Jae’s brought the eight of them together as a group to not only practice dressing and acting as women, but to also bond as mothers and daughters and friends.

The four teens became BFFs as did their “mommies.” The famed J-Club provided escorts for all of the ladies and to a “man”, each of the winners enjoyed the attention these handsome fellows gave them. Local media covered the event as funds were raised to help Generation Gendergirls serve families in crisis. Plans were made to hold this fundraising event annually.

But our story doesn’t end there. All eight winners immediately signed up for full time admission to the Madame Jae’s salon service. Some will continue to “pretty up” regularly, and some may bid their male identities adieu. Next month, the four prom queens will attend their actual proms – with all new gowns and its their male classmates who dance the night away with them. Meanwhile, their moms have scheduled a “girls night out” at the local nightclub, and you know these “cougars” get as much male attention as their daughters. And this summer, the eight of them will hit the coast for a vacation of shopping, clubbing, tanning, and ,of course, more shopping!

Congrats to Ashli & Jenna, Michelle & Cherie, Dania & Nicole, Serena & Faith!

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