Sunday, June 6, 2010

Archive Update - some reorganizing

Hello sisters :)

I have done a little rearranging of my Yahoo groups.  Six years ago before I founded this blog, I started publishing my recaps of existing stories and some original caps on Y!, and at one time had four groups.  Y! has since expanded their capacity for storage, although they do go down too much for my liking. 

For the last 2 years I have only 2 groups:  my primary group Family Traditions (now known as FT:ARCHIVE 1) and a second archive that was originally dedicated to a new universe called "The Pageant"  That was about a billionaire and his son who became women and then wanted to recruit father/son teams from across the world to spread the love of the feminine bond.  I got thru 3 chapters which introduced the "leadership team" of Caruso Inc and four newly transformed moms and daughters: the wholesome McKays from Maine, the brassy Caseys from Las Vegas, the skittish Harrises from SoCal and the vibrant Puzons from Hawai'i. 

As I have gone thru my growth as a TG artiste (hope that doesn't sound too presumptuous) I had started to get away from using celebs as models with an eye towards using ladies who actually resembled each other.  For example, I had Rene Russo and Alyssa Milano as mother/daughter.  But while Rene is a blue eyed auburn tressed MILF, Alyssa has the classic Sicilian dark hair, skin tone, and brown eyes.  Both gals may have Italian heritage but they hardly resemble each other.  I have lots of other celeb duos lined for the rest of the show, but I realize that many of the pairings were reaches on my part. I also hit a wall with creative storytelling.

Ergo, I am rebooting The Pageant.  I already have plans to keep some duos together, some gals will get new moms or daughters, and a lot of bio info will also alter.  I also would like to match some duos with like minded features.  For example, Susan Sarandaon and Eva Amurri are real life mom/daughter, and I have role for them that is similar but not the same as Rene and Alyssa had.

The new project, titled "Project: Chrysalis" may be less daunting that what I lined up for the Pageant, but I hope it will be very well recieved.

Anyhoo, back to my reorganization.  That group where Pageant caps appeared will be closing at my discretion as of July 4, 2010. But don't fear - as all of the Pageant caps - and all caps from this blog will now appear in the photos section of the Yahoo archive.  The photo uploader on Y! is very easy to use and organize and seems to have a "bottomless pit" in space to upload.

As far ever bringing the "Pageant" here?  I don't know.  Would you all help me decide?  I have a poll for you :)

As I sit here looking at my little blog - we have 184 unique postings, with over 400+ pix.  Most importantly, I have 94 wonderful subscribers and hopefully if you are reading this and haven't joined, that I hope you will.  THANK YOU - LOVE YOU

Annabelle Raven (Annie) lxxxxoooo

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