Thursday, June 24, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS: MOTB... make that DOTB!


My name is Mrs. Brenda Berman; 44 years ago, I was born Brian Sweeney. Five years ago, I became a difficult journey to live the life I was born to live – as a woman, a mother, a bride, and the happiest person in the world. Am I happy that I overcame decades of hell?

Yes, getting my body to match my feminine soul was a struggle and a curse, and many times I wanted to falter, but an angel pulled me through. That would be my son , Noah who was literally the only one who stood by me as my ex-wife, family and so called friends shunned us. I met the man of my dreams – Dr. Kirk Berman – first I was his medical assistant, then his friend, and finally his lover and soulmate.

Noah not only accepted the conversion of my father to his mother, he also accepted Kirk when we began dating and eventually proposed to me in Hawaii. And Noah looked up to Kirk, and together the three of us planned our simple beach-side wedding.

But our original plan was to have Tanya, a sweet T-girl who I met at the clinic we both attended, be my maid of honor, with Noah as Kirk’s best man.

But Tanya was taken from us too soon – as she succumbed to cancer last year. Noah said “Mom, don’t worry, Daddy and I have a plan.” (Why did my 18 year old son called his future step-father “Daddy”?)

All was revealed the day I went for my fitting at the bridal salon. A pretty, shapely young lady appeared in a gorgeous goldenrod gown.

“Hello mother. My name is Nydia, and I would love to be your maid of honor.”

Of course, we hugged and cried and both had to have our makeup redone several times. As close as I was to my son, I know that my daughter and I will be even closer.

And remember what I said about a new door opening? Well, Noah was replaced as best man by Rich, who the son of Kirk’s neighbor, and Nydia and Rich hit it off immediately, and by the time Kirk and I left for our honeymoon, I watched with pride as my baby snuggled up close to her new boyfriend.

As I hugged her farewell, I whispered to her that I was looking forward to buying her pretty wedding gown and my sexy MOTB dress. (giggle)

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