Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS: MOTB II: Two (Mothers) by Two (Brides)

MOTB: Two Plus Two

MITCH: So the day we caught our sons secretly dressing in our wives clothes after they died in the car crash, our lives changed forever. Right Jayne?

JOHN: You said it Mona. Steve and Nate grew up on the sandlots playing ball, just like we did. To see them coping with the tragedy – looking as pretty and feminine as they did – was hard for are male egos to take.

MONA: Especially as sons of two macho police officers! But we loved them and helped them as they transitioned while they went to college.

JAYNE: Then came the Springfield Strangler case – this perp was targeting middle aged single women – cougars. We were shocked at the captain’s request that we go undercover – in dresses, heels, the works!

MONA: Of course, we had two experts in projecting a sexy feminine look and disguising our male parts. My darling daughter Staci and my unofficial “niece” Nikki. Thus Mona and Jayne were born. It was fun. We all bonded, and I still tear up when I remember how they called us “Mom” and “Aunt Jayne ” for the first time. Helped us deal with the loss of our wives as well.

JAYNE: Or in my Nikki’s case – Mom and Auntie Mona! Well after we caught the suspect, our 20 year pensions kicked in, as did the settlement of the drunk driver who killed our wives. And the girls graduated college We bid adieu to our old home, and the four of us moved to the Southwest. We also left all of our old guy clothes and gear behind. Just us four chickees!

MONA: Now the four of us run a chic boutique and share a nice lakefront house. But now our babies are engaged and we are planning a double wedding. Pretty gowns for the girls, and sexy MOTB dresses for my “sister” and I. The grooms – and our boyfriends – couldn’t take their eyes off us!

JAYNE: Did we mention the bachelorette party we threw for them?

MONA: Shhh… our daughters would kill us if their husbands to be got wind of how much fun they had at the strip club. Lots of beefcake! Mmm

JAYNE: Oh yes oh yes … to think how two skinny lonely kids became two sexy brides and how their tough guy dads became two hot’n horny cougars!

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