Saturday, June 19, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - In The Kitchen...

In the Kitchen with Paula (38) and Chelsea (13)

PAULA: So you kissed your best friend Doug? Oh my God, my little girl is becoming a woman in front of me!

CHELSEA: Mom! You’re making me blush! It was just a peck on the cheek for walking home with me. I just felt more… safe and secure around him… ya know?

PAULA: I know the feeling, sweetheart. Being around your stepdad – mmm – it’s just the warmest, happiest and most comfortable feeling that I’ve experienced!

CHELSEA: So because we became female to hide from those bad guys, we’re now not happy unless there’s a cute guy to protect us? What’s happened to us?

PAULA: Just the whole idea of “cute guys” is something that Peter Dean and his son Charlie would never go for. We were guys, we loved sports and outdoors, and still do. But the Feds had to make sure that the mob never knew what happened to us after seeing those hired guns kill that poor man.

PAULA: Now I went through the hormone therapy and the surgery so you would think that I would had these feelings about men unnaturally, but now seeing you adapt to being a pretty girl and now interested in boys – I wonder if we both might have been predisposed to becoming cute, flirty, and romantic girls.

CHELSEA: So will I grow up wanting to find a man like Daddy? I know it’s been weird watching you kiss him and act all cutesy. What about… sex, Mom? Will I…

PAULA: Chelsea, you’re in junior high and we have a lot more girl talks to come before we’re ready to have “the chat.” But to answer your question – yes, I am so looking forward to you going on group dates, the prom, and eventually, being a bride, and maybe even a mommy too. But for now, Mike will be here in 15 minutes, so let’s finish making dinner. Pass me the lettuce please.

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