Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Pageant Chapter 2.1: Whatever Happens In Vegas

A very special 200th post caption :)

This Week In Family Tradition His2Her-story!

June 30, 1953

Battle Creek, Michigan

Six months after news broke of Christine Jorgensen’s amazing “sex change,” Edward “Eleanor” Willis gave his son Blake a few honeymoon pointers.

E: Now sweetie, make sure you have a nice hot dinner ready every night when your man comes home. And don’t forget, I’m looking forward to becoming a grandmother, Barbara.

B: Ummm, Mom, about that, you see, I think it’s not possible…

E: Oh pish posh. Just remember to always buy him boxers and not briefs. And remember, think pink when you’re having…

B: Mother, this is 1953. It’s a new, amazing modern era. But I think the day where a sissy-boy like you and me can get pregnant is a the day men walk on the moon!

E:Maybe some day a man – dressed as a woman – will!

Monday, June 28, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS: Little Chloe

Little Chloe’s Third Birthday

“Daddy – Pop-Pop– why do we wook wike girls?”

For the first 1000 or so days or my life, I was a quiet little lad named Chad Kershaw. My whole life was my dad Luke and my “pop-pop” Joe.

At that point I had no concept of “organized crime. “ I was blissfully unaware of my grandfather’s role as a district attorney ridding New York of the local mob , or my dad as a heroic DEA agent. And fortunately, I had no idea what death was – and how a hit man had taken my birth mom and “Mom-Mom” from me and had left us three sad males.

Witness protection agents had recast us Kershaw men as mature beauty Julia Morgan, her daughter, pretty single mom Lisa Morgan, and Lisa’s pride and joy, me.

“You’re so precious, my little angel,” Julia cooed in a well-practiced voice. “Chloe, honey, let’s take a picture of you, Mommy, and Mom-Mom, OK?”

Almost 2 decades later , I remember taking that photo with my family. Not only did our new identities keep us safe, it made us closer. My mom and grandma may not have ever been little girls, but they threw all of their love and affection into raising me.

In time, they also sought validation as women. By the time I was ten, both had fallen in love with handsome men, and I enjoyed my frilly flower girl dress at their weddings.

And now it’s my turn to be the beautiful bride. Two sad men and one lonely little boy all turned out to be beautiful, blonde, and the happiest three women you ever known!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS: Judge not...

Judge not, that ye be not judged

Floyd Smythe was the son of a Evangelical Pentecostal preacher and lived a very sheltered life. Certainly concepts such as alternate lifestyles and modern Western expressiveness were forbidden in his father’s house. No television, no movies, and certainly anything to do with sex was taboo.

Even after Floyd wed (in a prearranged match), he was expected to raise his son Josiah in a proper, restrictive manner. But down deep, Floyd believed that he was a she. But in the Appalachian Highlands coven in which he lived with his kin, he dared not speak of his plight.

A few years later, and his bride passed away from trying to give birth, and months later, he noticed his golden haired son wearing his mother’s scarf and he had wrapped a towel around his waist like a sarong. Did Josiah share Floyd’s belief that he was a girl in a boys’ body?

Angry that his father had forbade taking his wife to a secular hospital – relying instead on speaking in tongues and torturing her with bloodletting – Floyd took his 5 year old out of the mountains and they eventually found an apartment in Nashville above a hair salon. The owner let Floyd stay in exchange for carpentry and clean-up work around the salon.

Wilma thought that Josiah was exceptionally pretty for a young boy, and she noticed that Floyd also had fair, almost female features.

One day she caught Floyd as he fumbled his way through applying lipstick. He tearfully confessed his desires and what he saw in his son, and was ready to say goodbye to Wilma, but she surprised him by sitting them both down for a couple of makeovers and what she called “girl talk.”

Flash forward 17 years later – Floyd, now Frida is co-owner of Wilma’s salon, where she works as a stylist with her son who is now her daughter, Jodi.

Wilma’s salon was Music City’s favorite beauty destination for the local T-girls, who all pitched in with helping our heroines acquire hormones, clothes, plastic surgery, and even helped teach them cosmetology. They also taught the new mom and daughter about the joy of being beautiful and female – especially sex.

This week, Frida and Jodi are spending 2 hedonistic weeks in Florida with their biker boyfriends. Wearing bikinis all day, and pleasing their lovers all night. The tyranny of their upbringing is now a memory…

Thursday, June 24, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS: MOTB... make that DOTB!


My name is Mrs. Brenda Berman; 44 years ago, I was born Brian Sweeney. Five years ago, I became a difficult journey to live the life I was born to live – as a woman, a mother, a bride, and the happiest person in the world. Am I happy that I overcame decades of hell?

Yes, getting my body to match my feminine soul was a struggle and a curse, and many times I wanted to falter, but an angel pulled me through. That would be my son , Noah who was literally the only one who stood by me as my ex-wife, family and so called friends shunned us. I met the man of my dreams – Dr. Kirk Berman – first I was his medical assistant, then his friend, and finally his lover and soulmate.

Noah not only accepted the conversion of my father to his mother, he also accepted Kirk when we began dating and eventually proposed to me in Hawaii. And Noah looked up to Kirk, and together the three of us planned our simple beach-side wedding.

But our original plan was to have Tanya, a sweet T-girl who I met at the clinic we both attended, be my maid of honor, with Noah as Kirk’s best man.

But Tanya was taken from us too soon – as she succumbed to cancer last year. Noah said “Mom, don’t worry, Daddy and I have a plan.” (Why did my 18 year old son called his future step-father “Daddy”?)

All was revealed the day I went for my fitting at the bridal salon. A pretty, shapely young lady appeared in a gorgeous goldenrod gown.

“Hello mother. My name is Nydia, and I would love to be your maid of honor.”

Of course, we hugged and cried and both had to have our makeup redone several times. As close as I was to my son, I know that my daughter and I will be even closer.

And remember what I said about a new door opening? Well, Noah was replaced as best man by Rich, who the son of Kirk’s neighbor, and Nydia and Rich hit it off immediately, and by the time Kirk and I left for our honeymoon, I watched with pride as my baby snuggled up close to her new boyfriend.

As I hugged her farewell, I whispered to her that I was looking forward to buying her pretty wedding gown and my sexy MOTB dress. (giggle)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Madame Jae's presents PROM NIGHT!

Madame Jae Presents


Recently, Madame Salon’s crack marketing group hooked up with the local Scout troops. In an effort to promote diversity, citizenship, and promoting values like saying no to underage drinking and unprotected sex, four senior Scouts and their dads who were also Scoutmasters were transformed into eight lovely visions of femininity who would attend a special Madame Jae’s prom as pretty teen girls and their “mom” chaperones.

The winners were (drum roll please…)

-Alex Collins, 17 and his dad, investment banker Jack, 40, who became a pair of cute All-American blue-eyed blondes: Ashli and her mom Jenna. Aren’t they adorable?

-Marcus Stavros, 18, and his dad – local deli owner Conrad, 42, who were “reborn” as Greek beauties Michelle and mama Cherie. Such ice-breaking smiles they both have.

-Douglas Cohen, the youngest winner at 16, and dad Dr. Neal Cohen, 41, who were girlishly transformed to become sweet Dania and her beautiful mom Nicole.

- 17 year old Stefon Jones (well known as a top prep athlete) and dad/coach Freddie Jones were now the stylish and svelte daughter-mother tandem of Serena and Faith.

The families were chosen by a blue ribbon family after extensive interviews and review of the students academic and community records. It was also recognized that the fathers were all single and raising one boy alone while maintaining important jobs and being active fathers. Madame Jae’s brought the eight of them together as a group to not only practice dressing and acting as women, but to also bond as mothers and daughters and friends.

The four teens became BFFs as did their “mommies.” The famed J-Club provided escorts for all of the ladies and to a “man”, each of the winners enjoyed the attention these handsome fellows gave them. Local media covered the event as funds were raised to help Generation Gendergirls serve families in crisis. Plans were made to hold this fundraising event annually.

But our story doesn’t end there. All eight winners immediately signed up for full time admission to the Madame Jae’s salon service. Some will continue to “pretty up” regularly, and some may bid their male identities adieu. Next month, the four prom queens will attend their actual proms – with all new gowns and its their male classmates who dance the night away with them. Meanwhile, their moms have scheduled a “girls night out” at the local nightclub, and you know these “cougars” get as much male attention as their daughters. And this summer, the eight of them will hit the coast for a vacation of shopping, clubbing, tanning, and ,of course, more shopping!

Congrats to Ashli & Jenna, Michelle & Cherie, Dania & Nicole, Serena & Faith!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - In The Kitchen...

In the Kitchen with Paula (38) and Chelsea (13)

PAULA: So you kissed your best friend Doug? Oh my God, my little girl is becoming a woman in front of me!

CHELSEA: Mom! You’re making me blush! It was just a peck on the cheek for walking home with me. I just felt more… safe and secure around him… ya know?

PAULA: I know the feeling, sweetheart. Being around your stepdad – mmm – it’s just the warmest, happiest and most comfortable feeling that I’ve experienced!

CHELSEA: So because we became female to hide from those bad guys, we’re now not happy unless there’s a cute guy to protect us? What’s happened to us?

PAULA: Just the whole idea of “cute guys” is something that Peter Dean and his son Charlie would never go for. We were guys, we loved sports and outdoors, and still do. But the Feds had to make sure that the mob never knew what happened to us after seeing those hired guns kill that poor man.

PAULA: Now I went through the hormone therapy and the surgery so you would think that I would had these feelings about men unnaturally, but now seeing you adapt to being a pretty girl and now interested in boys – I wonder if we both might have been predisposed to becoming cute, flirty, and romantic girls.

CHELSEA: So will I grow up wanting to find a man like Daddy? I know it’s been weird watching you kiss him and act all cutesy. What about… sex, Mom? Will I…

PAULA: Chelsea, you’re in junior high and we have a lot more girl talks to come before we’re ready to have “the chat.” But to answer your question – yes, I am so looking forward to you going on group dates, the prom, and eventually, being a bride, and maybe even a mommy too. But for now, Mike will be here in 15 minutes, so let’s finish making dinner. Pass me the lettuce please.