Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MJ's Carribean Experience: A Testimonial from "Carl"

Dear Madame Jae and everyone on staff at Caribbean Experience,

I have to admit - there’s no way myself or any of the guys in our family would have ever willingly set foot at your resort, except for a mix up. I’m a widower with a son who is divorced, and two smart, if not mischievous, grandsons. Or we were, that is. As usual, we planned our annual deep sea fishing vacation and my travel agent was supposed to book us on “Martin J’s Caribbean Expedition” where we would fish for marlin and drink beer – a great guys getaway.

But when we arrived at your port of call, we saw no charter boat and no sign of “Martin J”. We decided to make the best of it based on Keith and Liam noticing some pretty girls sunning themselves on your beach. My son Danny decides not to call the travel agent, and your staff was wonderful in offering us a full refund if we weren’t 100% satisfied with our stay. Well – to say that we were shocked at the fact that every single girl and woman on that island was as male as we were – and that fathers, sons, uncles, heck, even grandpas from around theworld spent their entire trip as females.

Trust me – it was amazing to see myself transformed into an attractive senior woman, and oh, I can’t believe how nice my legs looked in those heels. When I saw my family all decked out with pretty long hair, generous curves, and heartbreaking smiles – well I just so proud to see them this way. We always bonded on these trips, but this time, we got such a kick of shopping – dresses, jewelry, and of course, shoes.

But our favorite experience was being wooed by some handsome men. Kerri & Lacey were constantly flirting with lots of “hunks”while Denise and I enjoyed the time we spent with Joe and Ray; all of the men there were J-Clubbers, and we hope to see them again when we get home at the next Madame Jae’s event!

To you and everyone involved – our family thanks you very VERY much!!! Kisses!

Carl “Cathy” Walters

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