Sunday, May 23, 2010

MADAME'S JAE: Birthday Girlz

The Tag for "Anna Green" was because this story reminded me a bit of one of her caps:
Enjoy :)

My name was Vic Dipaolo; I was struggling along as a short, slightly chubby, balding auto mechanic trying to balance my work, raising my son Michael, and attempting to find a nice woman to enjoy weekends with. But I was struggling in all three areas.

Then one day Mike who was a sophomore in college at the time asked me to come to dinner ON him. I guess he was growing up to a fine young man – haha! Because when I arrived at this diner, a gorgeous girl was waiting – did Mikey have a girlfriend finally? No – it WAS Michael – only she called herself “Melissa”!

How did my pride and joy end up looking like a teenager’s wet dream? She confided in me that she was happier as a girl, and to thank me for being such a loving parent, she had a gift for me, at Madame Jae’s. I didn’t know what was in store for me, but being grateful, I followed him across the street to this salon.

I met Madame Jae and her staff, and they whisked around me like a whirlwind. Before I knew it, I had long brown hair, BREASTS, manicured hands, and I was wearing this slinky black dress showing curves I never had until 10 minutes prior. My Melissa had also changed into a gorgeous pink gown, and she wrapped her arms around me as we looked into a mirror at the new us: “Happy birthday – MOM!” she whispered.

Wow – I guess we did look like mother and daughter – sexy and feminine. I chose “Vanessa” as my new name, and my daughter then introduced me two members of the J-Club… men who enjoyed new girls such as us. Young Tony was quite studly and it seems that my Missy and him were already on very intimate terms, based on their body language.

Wayne was Tony’s uncle, and it seemed like years of frustration about my sex life melted away in mere moments. I enjoyed letting this handsome older man seduce me as I flirted with him as if I had always been a woman.

As we kissed, I unbuckled his belt and my ascent to femininity was nearly complete. We pleased each other as lovers only can. As he made me cry out in passion, I heard my former son call out from the room she and Tony shared: “Happy birthday, Mom!”

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