Sunday, May 9, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Sharon's Homecoming (HAPPY MOTHERS DAY) :)

Stan Rice was repentant for all he had done and not done. He wasted his skills as a trusted financial professional, having taken advantage of families as a predatory mortgage lender. Stan was also a poor role model to his son Mike. Mike in turn had grown up in a skewed world where he was rude, disrespectful to women, and was himself a poor father to Stan’s grandson Adam.

All of this broke the heart of Stan’s ex-wife Carol, who was dying of ovarian cancer. On her deathbed, she pledged to help her beloved Stan, as well as her child and grandchild, with the help of a rare, mysterious box. Her wiccan friends helped Carol transfer her hearts desire to those she loved the most.

The results were amazing…

A year later, Stan had become Sharon, a delightfully sweet and pretty lady in her mid-50s, who volunteered her time to help charities that benefited the community. Sharon also was a devoted grandmother to 6-year old Alicia.

Alicia’s mommy Monica, 32, was just as devoted to Ali as Sharon was to her daughter, and it was Monica’s handsome beau James who had introduced Sharon to Pastor Ron, who took an immediate fancy to the mature beauty. With their sandy blonde tresses, baby blue eyes, and heartbreaking smiles, it was a given that (once Ali was old enough to date) that none of the Rice ladies would ever be lonely.

And that was Carol’s legacy – her family, reformed, recast in a feminine light, bonded together, and happy forever…

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