Monday, May 31, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS: MOTB (Mother of the Bride)


I was horrified that my only son James wanted to be become a woman. He had been such a great athlete in school, and was quite handsome. I wish my late wife Christine could have helped me talk some sense into him but my attitudes started to soften once I saw him morph into the lovely and demure Jennifer.

Within two years, Jen fell in love with Tim, an handsome law student who was crazy about her, I resigned myself to the prospect of giving away my daughter – who was born my son. But Jen had another shocking idea.

“I miss her– I missing having her in my very much. I wish she was hear to see me become a bride,” Jen said as we both wept.

“Dad… I want to know if you would become my mother. I get my soft features and thin build from you, not my birth mother. And I want you and I to be closer than ever. And I think you’ll love the feel of the clothes and the attention you get as a lovely woman. I know this sounds crazy, but let me transform you in time for my wedding. What do you say – mom?”

Every sense of masculinity I screamed NO but a little voice in my head guided me to my decision. I allowed my daughter to help me build my look, and to spend time developing a feminine walk, voice, and interest in what girls enjoy: fashion, “chick flicks” , romance novels.

My identity as Henry was being “upgraded” to Holly, a lovely mature lady who loved the role as Jen’s doting mother. Together, we picked out her gorgeous wedding gown – and my pretty MOTB dress. We hugged and cried some more!

That magical day, Jen became Mrs. Timothy Williams, and she was so happy to finally be her man’s wife. I guess you are wondering who gave her away? My late wife’s brother, George did the honors, and he escorted me as well.

I never realized how intoxicating his brown eyes were to look at. Despite knowing full well that I was his sister’s husband, he treated me like a queen. That night, I went home with him and I never left.

A year later, and Jen and I are shopping for MY wedding gown!

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