Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Old Enough (XXX)

Old Enough!

Gloria and Stacy


For years, Matthew Barnes wondered what his dad Scott and granddad George did when they took off for the weekend and left young Matt with a babysitter (his birth mother was nowhere to be found). But having turned 18 last week, the older Barnes took the birthday boy away with them for the first time. George instructed his grandson to take off his clothes and go skinny dipping in a pond in the neighboring state.

Confused, he waded in, but began to feel light headed. He sat down and his dad helped him into a robe and back into his SUV. Matt dozed while his body was undergoing some amazing changes. Scott and George both also got into the pond for a moment, and then dressed in similar robes. They had been through this for years, so the shock of the pond’s magic did not knock them out. They carried him to a home behind the pond.

“Wake up Megan,” cooed a gorgeous lady in her late 50s. The teen who somehow knew that he/she was Megan saw a voluptuous woman that she recognized as her grandfather!

“Isn’t she beautiful Mom?” asked a stunning blonde in her late 30s – the transformed Scott.

“A chip off the old block, Stacy,” the silver haired fox now known as Gloria said to her daughter, “and now she is old enough to have some fun with her Nana and her mom.

Wha- wha kind of fun?” gasped Meg who was still somewhat catatonic.

“Let’s get you dressed, baby, the teen’s doting “mom” said while grinning. “The weekend is ours!”

Something in that pond water transformed the three burly lads in three sexy females – rather she-males, as they all retained long and lovely “clits”. The trio shopped, got their hair and nails done, and giggled their way through the day, attracting every man’s attention.

That night, a limo picked up 3 sexy Barnes babes and brought them to a nightclub. Megan watched as Gloria and Stacy danced, flirted, and made out with men their own age. Then a handsome college boy asked the lovely young golden haired “girl” to dance with him.

Megan’s new hormones took over and soon she was reacting to Theo’s advances, as her mom and Nana looked on approvingly.

From that weekend on, Gloria, Stacy and Megan went skinny dipping in the magic pond so they could be the state’s only tri-generation tranny hooker service!

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