Monday, May 31, 2010

Not As Advertised by Rachel Ann Cooper pt 1

ANNIE'S CAPS: MOTB (Mother of the Bride)


I was horrified that my only son James wanted to be become a woman. He had been such a great athlete in school, and was quite handsome. I wish my late wife Christine could have helped me talk some sense into him but my attitudes started to soften once I saw him morph into the lovely and demure Jennifer.

Within two years, Jen fell in love with Tim, an handsome law student who was crazy about her, I resigned myself to the prospect of giving away my daughter – who was born my son. But Jen had another shocking idea.

“I miss her– I missing having her in my very much. I wish she was hear to see me become a bride,” Jen said as we both wept.

“Dad… I want to know if you would become my mother. I get my soft features and thin build from you, not my birth mother. And I want you and I to be closer than ever. And I think you’ll love the feel of the clothes and the attention you get as a lovely woman. I know this sounds crazy, but let me transform you in time for my wedding. What do you say – mom?”

Every sense of masculinity I screamed NO but a little voice in my head guided me to my decision. I allowed my daughter to help me build my look, and to spend time developing a feminine walk, voice, and interest in what girls enjoy: fashion, “chick flicks” , romance novels.

My identity as Henry was being “upgraded” to Holly, a lovely mature lady who loved the role as Jen’s doting mother. Together, we picked out her gorgeous wedding gown – and my pretty MOTB dress. We hugged and cried some more!

That magical day, Jen became Mrs. Timothy Williams, and she was so happy to finally be her man’s wife. I guess you are wondering who gave her away? My late wife’s brother, George did the honors, and he escorted me as well.

I never realized how intoxicating his brown eyes were to look at. Despite knowing full well that I was his sister’s husband, he treated me like a queen. That night, I went home with him and I never left.

A year later, and Jen and I are shopping for MY wedding gown!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - The "Talk"

“THE TALK” starring JUDY (38) & TARA (17)

JUDY: You look concerned kiddo. It’s a gorgeous day and you seem stressed. What’s wrong dear?

TARA: I… I don’t want to talk about it Mom I don’t want you to worry about me. I’m fine – really…

JUDY: Sorry sweetie. I’m a parent – it’s my job to worry. Spill the beans, honey. What’s the problem?

TARA: (sigh) OK… I was thinking about… you know, I was thinking about Charlie, and… umm…

JUDY: I bet you were- he’s cute. And?

TARA: His umm… pants and his… oh geez (blushing)

JUDY: By his pants, do you mean his penis, Tara?

TARA: (whispering) MOTHER! Are you crazy?

JUDY: Honey, it’s OK, you’re becoming a woman. Well, technically, we both are, simultaneously.

TARA: That’s just it… six months we both got the OK to start RLT and moved here from Kansas. Nobody knew our past life as father and son! And we won’t be able to go under the knife for at least another 18 months! How can I even think of.. THAT… and yet, I can’t stop thinking about his… and mine… (sniff) It’s still there!

JUDY: Tara, it’s OK. We’re both starting our hormone regimen, and you’re the not only one with some very unusual thoughts. Our Mr. Happy’s are becoming Little Miss Happy’s and they are as confused as we are. Trust me – it’s going to be fine. Come closer, and we’ll have our first official mother/daughter “talk”…


TARA: So you think the postman is cute? That's funny Mom! (laughs)

JUDY: Well, I was a UPS driver in my past life, so I have a natural affinity for ummm “package delivery” (cackles).

TARA: OMG too funny! So do you fantasize about you and him…

JUDY: Having sex? Maybe. I think about how wonderful it would be to be with a good man. Tara, my dream is to be a beautiful bride someday. And to watch you grow up and do the same one day.

TARA: Aww, Mom, that’s so sweet. I see myself as a wife as well – but not until after I graduate from college!

JUDY: Good girl! And I want to build back our finances after paying for our SRS and the new identities. It cost a lot to “retire” Jack Winslow and his son Trent. Now that the bank hired me as a service rep, I can save some money, and then go “husband shopping!”

TARA: We are going to be such babes. What man will be able to resist us? You should totally seduce the mail man!

JUDY: Haha, sweetheart, our dreams will come true, and one day we will find our Prince Charmings! There’s a lot of fish in the sea, Tara– so keep your eyes peeled!

5 years later,

Tara married her college sweetheart – on the second anniversary of Judy’s wedding.

Judy did end up dating the mailman, but she married her manager at the bank!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MJ's Carribean Experience: A Testimonial from "Carl"

Dear Madame Jae and everyone on staff at Caribbean Experience,

I have to admit - there’s no way myself or any of the guys in our family would have ever willingly set foot at your resort, except for a mix up. I’m a widower with a son who is divorced, and two smart, if not mischievous, grandsons. Or we were, that is. As usual, we planned our annual deep sea fishing vacation and my travel agent was supposed to book us on “Martin J’s Caribbean Expedition” where we would fish for marlin and drink beer – a great guys getaway.

But when we arrived at your port of call, we saw no charter boat and no sign of “Martin J”. We decided to make the best of it based on Keith and Liam noticing some pretty girls sunning themselves on your beach. My son Danny decides not to call the travel agent, and your staff was wonderful in offering us a full refund if we weren’t 100% satisfied with our stay. Well – to say that we were shocked at the fact that every single girl and woman on that island was as male as we were – and that fathers, sons, uncles, heck, even grandpas from around theworld spent their entire trip as females.

Trust me – it was amazing to see myself transformed into an attractive senior woman, and oh, I can’t believe how nice my legs looked in those heels. When I saw my family all decked out with pretty long hair, generous curves, and heartbreaking smiles – well I just so proud to see them this way. We always bonded on these trips, but this time, we got such a kick of shopping – dresses, jewelry, and of course, shoes.

But our favorite experience was being wooed by some handsome men. Kerri & Lacey were constantly flirting with lots of “hunks”while Denise and I enjoyed the time we spent with Joe and Ray; all of the men there were J-Clubbers, and we hope to see them again when we get home at the next Madame Jae’s event!

To you and everyone involved – our family thanks you very VERY much!!! Kisses!

Carl “Cathy” Walters

ANNIE'S CAPS - Old Enough (XXX)

Old Enough!

Gloria and Stacy


For years, Matthew Barnes wondered what his dad Scott and granddad George did when they took off for the weekend and left young Matt with a babysitter (his birth mother was nowhere to be found). But having turned 18 last week, the older Barnes took the birthday boy away with them for the first time. George instructed his grandson to take off his clothes and go skinny dipping in a pond in the neighboring state.

Confused, he waded in, but began to feel light headed. He sat down and his dad helped him into a robe and back into his SUV. Matt dozed while his body was undergoing some amazing changes. Scott and George both also got into the pond for a moment, and then dressed in similar robes. They had been through this for years, so the shock of the pond’s magic did not knock them out. They carried him to a home behind the pond.

“Wake up Megan,” cooed a gorgeous lady in her late 50s. The teen who somehow knew that he/she was Megan saw a voluptuous woman that she recognized as her grandfather!

“Isn’t she beautiful Mom?” asked a stunning blonde in her late 30s – the transformed Scott.

“A chip off the old block, Stacy,” the silver haired fox now known as Gloria said to her daughter, “and now she is old enough to have some fun with her Nana and her mom.

Wha- wha kind of fun?” gasped Meg who was still somewhat catatonic.

“Let’s get you dressed, baby, the teen’s doting “mom” said while grinning. “The weekend is ours!”

Something in that pond water transformed the three burly lads in three sexy females – rather she-males, as they all retained long and lovely “clits”. The trio shopped, got their hair and nails done, and giggled their way through the day, attracting every man’s attention.

That night, a limo picked up 3 sexy Barnes babes and brought them to a nightclub. Megan watched as Gloria and Stacy danced, flirted, and made out with men their own age. Then a handsome college boy asked the lovely young golden haired “girl” to dance with him.

Megan’s new hormones took over and soon she was reacting to Theo’s advances, as her mom and Nana looked on approvingly.

From that weekend on, Gloria, Stacy and Megan went skinny dipping in the magic pond so they could be the state’s only tri-generation tranny hooker service!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

MADAME'S JAE: Birthday Girlz

The Tag for "Anna Green" was because this story reminded me a bit of one of her caps:
Enjoy :)

My name was Vic Dipaolo; I was struggling along as a short, slightly chubby, balding auto mechanic trying to balance my work, raising my son Michael, and attempting to find a nice woman to enjoy weekends with. But I was struggling in all three areas.

Then one day Mike who was a sophomore in college at the time asked me to come to dinner ON him. I guess he was growing up to a fine young man – haha! Because when I arrived at this diner, a gorgeous girl was waiting – did Mikey have a girlfriend finally? No – it WAS Michael – only she called herself “Melissa”!

How did my pride and joy end up looking like a teenager’s wet dream? She confided in me that she was happier as a girl, and to thank me for being such a loving parent, she had a gift for me, at Madame Jae’s. I didn’t know what was in store for me, but being grateful, I followed him across the street to this salon.

I met Madame Jae and her staff, and they whisked around me like a whirlwind. Before I knew it, I had long brown hair, BREASTS, manicured hands, and I was wearing this slinky black dress showing curves I never had until 10 minutes prior. My Melissa had also changed into a gorgeous pink gown, and she wrapped her arms around me as we looked into a mirror at the new us: “Happy birthday – MOM!” she whispered.

Wow – I guess we did look like mother and daughter – sexy and feminine. I chose “Vanessa” as my new name, and my daughter then introduced me two members of the J-Club… men who enjoyed new girls such as us. Young Tony was quite studly and it seems that my Missy and him were already on very intimate terms, based on their body language.

Wayne was Tony’s uncle, and it seemed like years of frustration about my sex life melted away in mere moments. I enjoyed letting this handsome older man seduce me as I flirted with him as if I had always been a woman.

As we kissed, I unbuckled his belt and my ascent to femininity was nearly complete. We pleased each other as lovers only can. As he made me cry out in passion, I heard my former son call out from the room she and Tony shared: “Happy birthday, Mom!”

ANNIE'S CAPS - Family of "4-PLAY"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Sharon's Homecoming (HAPPY MOTHERS DAY) :)

Stan Rice was repentant for all he had done and not done. He wasted his skills as a trusted financial professional, having taken advantage of families as a predatory mortgage lender. Stan was also a poor role model to his son Mike. Mike in turn had grown up in a skewed world where he was rude, disrespectful to women, and was himself a poor father to Stan’s grandson Adam.

All of this broke the heart of Stan’s ex-wife Carol, who was dying of ovarian cancer. On her deathbed, she pledged to help her beloved Stan, as well as her child and grandchild, with the help of a rare, mysterious box. Her wiccan friends helped Carol transfer her hearts desire to those she loved the most.

The results were amazing…

A year later, Stan had become Sharon, a delightfully sweet and pretty lady in her mid-50s, who volunteered her time to help charities that benefited the community. Sharon also was a devoted grandmother to 6-year old Alicia.

Alicia’s mommy Monica, 32, was just as devoted to Ali as Sharon was to her daughter, and it was Monica’s handsome beau James who had introduced Sharon to Pastor Ron, who took an immediate fancy to the mature beauty. With their sandy blonde tresses, baby blue eyes, and heartbreaking smiles, it was a given that (once Ali was old enough to date) that none of the Rice ladies would ever be lonely.

And that was Carol’s legacy – her family, reformed, recast in a feminine light, bonded together, and happy forever…