Friday, April 16, 2010

Madame Jae's: Wedding Planning

Jimmy (12): Oh My God! Dad… I can’t believe how they made us look like girls! We’re so pretty! What made you decide on coming here and dressing up as a bride, and me as an attendant?

Nick (35): Oh son, I’m sorry that I ever hid my ‘other self’ from you. I have been coming to Madame Jae’s for years, after your mother abandoned us. I now see myself as Natalie, your mom. And the staff encouraged me to bring you here, because so many fathers and sons have grown closer as pretty girls. And you are even more beautiful than I imagined! My baby is a heartbreaker! (sniff)

Jimmy: Aww, don’t cry! I think you’ll be a great mom to me – and I didn’t think I’d like all of this fancy dress and hair styling but I LOVE the way I look. And you look like a real bride!

Ryan: Well, young lady, that’s because your beautiful mother is going to be a real bride – and I’m the luckiest man in the world for it! (leans down to kiss Natalie, who returns it with passion)

Natalie: Ryan, darling, let me properly introduce you to your future stepdaughter, Jennifer. Jen sweetie, this is Ryan who I met two months ago at the J-Club dance. Last night, he asked me to marry him and I said yes. We are so much in love and I know he’s going to be a great husband and a loving stepdad. And I had you dressed this way because I want you to be one of my bridesmaids along with some of my girlfriends who I met at Madame Jae’s! Please say yes - you will have such fun!

Jennifer: Oh Mom, I’m so happy you’re getting to live your dream of being a gorgeous bride and I’m sure it will be great to be a whole family again. But – I do have a request… Can.. can we invite Will Monroe to the wedding? I’d like to introduce him to me – the new me - as Jennifer.

Ryan: We can do better than that Jen. By coincidence, I’m business partner will Will’s dad, who’s a J-Club member as well. I know Will is a fine strapping lad who I think would make a good groomsmen. I know he’s now that age where he’ll enjoy slow dancing with a pretty teenage T-girl.

Natalie: Darling, Will was Jimmy’s best friend – but I think Jen wants to make him her BOYFRIEND. I guess in a few years, you’ll be giving her away at their wedding! But first Mommy needs to have a little woman to woman talk with her baby girl before she leaves on her honeymoon! (GIGGLE)

Jennifer: MOTHER! (blushing furiously) I think I need to outgrow this training bra before we talk about the birds and the bees! Speaking of which, we seriously need to go shopping tomorrow!

Natalie: Oh – we are so there girl! And thanks to Madame Jae, you’ll definitely be “sprouting” in the very near future! Like mother, like daughter!!

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