Thursday, April 15, 2010

Madame Jae's: Homecoming

Cody Perkins had rode back home from college with Jay who he met in accounting class. Cody was looking forward to seeing his dad Eric, especially because he knew how lonely his dad had become following the sudden passing of Cody’s birth mother. He knew that his mom liked that Eric cross-dressed; and he even thought that his “Aunt Ellen” wasn’t too heinous in drag.

So it was quite a shock for Cody & Jay to pull up to the Perkins house to find “Ellen” looking more sexy and feminine than ever. Eric had never dared dress in public, but here he was greeting the college boys . Cody was mortified that his dad seemed to be flirting with his classmate, promising to introduce Jay to her daughter Crissy – Cody’s supposed cousin. Had “Dad” flipped his wig (or was that his real hair?)

After Jay left, Cody demanded to know what possessed Eric to publicly humiliate him in front of the other boy, but Ellen simply smiled and asked Cody to take a short ride with him. “Father” and son pulled up to the familiar Madame Jae salon downtown. Ellen smiled beautifully at Cody and asked for a leap of faith.

“The last few months, these ladies have really helped me cope with losing Jan. On their suggestion, they asked if I could bring you down and let them show you how they have helped me - I hope you enjoy your experience.”

Cody shrugged his shoulders and followed Ellen. Inside to meet the salon owner and her loyal staff. The rest seemed like a blur to the young man.

One month later, at a J-Club function, 40something sex kitten Ellen Perkins, and her daughter, college age cutie Crissy, were fixing their makeup in the ladies room.

“To think, darling, your ‘uncle Eric’ and ‘cousin’ – they’ve come so far, haven’t they?”

Crissy clasped the hand of the person she once called Aunt Ellen and replied, “Yes they have mom – I’m so happy that you turned me on to this!”

The shapely brunettes went back to their table where their dates – J-Club members George Paulson (local realtor) and Jay Munson (local college hunk) were waiting.

Within weeks, both T-girl admirers had seduced their dates, and mom and daughter spent entire days shopping for the right combo of cocktail dresses, heels, and sexy lingerie to keep their boyfriends happy and horny!

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