Sunday, April 18, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Las Vegas Party Bitches

“Ready, ladies?”, asks Felicity Ryan (the mature redhead with the prominent bust) of her sexy blonde younger sister Candice who’s wearing a breathtaking LBD.

“Ready sis,” Candice coos in return.

“Mom, Aunt Candi, let’s GO, “ chirps Serena Ryan; the gorgeous flame haired pixie just turned 18 last winter and she just finished applying makeup in front of a vanity she shared with her 20 year old cousin Marissa.

Marissa shares her mother’s flaxen locks and body built for sin. She notices that a stretch limo has pulled up in front of the stylish post-modern Las Vegas rancher the foursome shared. “Time to party! Our ride’s here!”

Within five minutes, the Ryan girls have their purses and have climbed inside for a trip down to the Strip. A few glasses of champagne later, and they arrive, and their “clients” have already exchanged text messages with them.

Sometimes the sisters party separate from their daughters, sometimes it’s mom and daughter together, but on a night like this, the cougar-sisters and the cousin-kittens are stalking prey at the trendiest club in LV: actors, musicians , athletes,, and any one with money who wants to bed a sexy bitch.

By 7 in the AM, each beauty comes home feeling well- fucked and about $5000 richer. By early afternoon, the girls are up having “brunch” and dishing about who they spent the night with and who’s man had the fattest cock, or the kinkiest fantasy.

Later that day, you’ll find these beauties in string bikinis sunning themselves out by the pool, with shopping, salon, and Pilates also on the agenda.

Such is the life of an escort in Sin City. Now, before you condemn this family for being professional whores, you should know that one year ago, Freddie Ryan declared bankruptcy and had to close his auto body shop in Arizona. His brother Carl had just gotten out of the county jail for grand larceny, and because of his record, he was forced to live at Fred’s house with his slacker son Mike. Fred was also worried about his son Shaun , who was so awkward and shy, he was often picked on by bullies.

When Shaun randomly found that magic pendant, it did more than change the gender identity of everyone in the house – it gave them self-esteem, money, and an escape from hell – not to mention the bodies of uber-babes, and the sex drives to match. It also brought the Ryans closer than ever as sisters and cousins, and as mothers and daughters.

Someday they’ll settle down with the right guy and get respectable. Until then, they have each other – and it’s another party night in Vegas!

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