Sunday, March 7, 2010

Salute to Other Artists: a lazy Sunday morning showcase

Greetings friends - I hope you're as excited about the spring's warmer weather and brighter skies helping us get past this nasty nasty winter. I haven't been able to work on new stuff all week, but this Sunday I feel like I have some time to devote to something at least new and original - until then I will start March off like a lioness ;) and add some newer content from my favorite caption artists and some of their new family goodness. NOTE: I am absolutely 1000% not claiming any of this as mine, and I will try to give proper credit whenever I know I can. If you see something you made and it's not the correct credit, or you're not comfy with me showing it here on my blog - say so please. First, one of my sisters in the TG Caps universe, the delightfully loving and supportive Miss Jezzi Belle Stewart and her Vaingirls universe! Next, a blogger I have a lot of respect and admiration for, and one of the most unique creators in the TGverse - Stacy of Femulate... Again from TGCaps, who dabbles in both photo and graphic caps and also writes fiction - Lorna Samuels! Next a new salutee, and a woman who's output is stunningly graphic and erotic while also sweet and heartgripping, may I present Isobelle Nicholle... Whew! Those werew HAWT! Finally, someone miscellaneous additional other work that I have seen online and wanted to showcase. Some have artist watermarks in them so you can see who created them. THANK YOU ALL :) LXXXXXXX

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