Monday, March 22, 2010

Madame Jae's presents... father/son belly dancing?


Madame Jae’s is proud to open RAQS SHAQI, an exotic and erotic experience in the world of traditional Hellenic and Arabic dance (more commonly referred to as “belly dance”. The RAQS SHAQI experience is unique, in that, similar to Madame Jae’s salon, it caters to men wishing to express the woman within through dance and costume, and is particularly effective in female bonding between male family members.

“Dance has bonded us forever as mother and daughter” cites Iona Lambros, aka “Empress Iona”, the director of RAQS SHAQI. Iona’s daughter Celina – “Princess Celina” to the students she instructs agrees.

“Ten years ago, my mom was my dad (Irv Lewis, a dowdy banker) and I was his rebellious teenage son, Craig. We had hit rock bottom in our relationship and in life, and dad’s aunt Lana helped us out by recommending her friend – Madame Jae. We felt so right looking and acting as women. Then Lana helped us rediscover our long lost Greek Cypriot heritage, as Lana had danced throughout the years until her hip gave out.”

Iona continues, “Lana was also slowly dying of cancer, and she had no daughters to pass on the tradition of the dance to, and because we had just accepted the women inside of us, it was blessed to myself, Celina, and to Lana to bring the dance to the next two generations, and to awaken the fires of our ancestors, so they may blaze forever.”

RAQS SHQAI is now proud to start enrollment for new sisters, mothers , and daughters, taught personally by the beautiful, bubbly, and exotic Empress Iona and Princess Celina. Classes will begin next month, after the completion of the dance studio facility next door the landmark Madame Jae’s Salon.

Until it opens, Iona and Celina will be travelling the Mediterranean with their husbands. Of course, both ladies enjoying dancing in private for their husbands’ pleasure. ;)

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