Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Generation Gendergirls: Long Lost "Sisters"

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“After all these years, we’re now both women – and mommies!”

20 years ago, high school best friends Stewart Dixon and Michael Costa were outcasts and mercilessly picked on as “sissies.” They confided in each other that they would together seek SRS to become the women they felt they were born to be. However, the Dixons moved cross-country the next year, and the friends lost track. In that time, each one of them married a woman, the found themselves as unhappy single dads (Stew’s wife died of cancer, and Michael’s wife was lost to addiction) Both had sons who shared their fathers’ identity crisis.

Through 3G, each family was assisted in transition. Heath and Jack Dixon used to fight constantly, now they are devoted sisters who love their mom with all their hearts. Dennis Costa was caught one day playing with Maria’s clothing “stash” and a heart to heart talk helped the new girls form an unbreakable bomb. Then last summer, a remarkable reunion happened, at the 3G Regional Family Conference.

3G’s marketing director was interview several families for a documentary, when they realized that Serena and Maria were the same age, from the same hometown, and attended the same school. Then the two mommies were introduced to each others’ family. The three young girls had instant chemistry and played with dolls and watched videos – but their parents were oblivious to the other identities until the 3G Special Director let the cat out of the bag. The long lost friends shrieked and sobbed as they hugged each other, reunited after two decades apart.

POSTSCRIPT: Serena and Maria now live as sisters in Texas. They live together, work together as real estate agents, and they even double date together. They also are raising three beautiful girls who love their cousins and aunties as much as they love their mommies.

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