Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Three Point Play


Police Chief Ryan Winslow was very well known in his community, not only as a respected lawman, but as the coach of the local high school basketball team. But he was most proud of his fraternal twin sons, Ian and Ethan, who were the starting guards on Ryan’s all-regional playoff team two years straight.

That all changed the night the local drug kingpins murdered Debbie, Ryan’s wife and the boys’ mother, in retaliation for the recent sting operation Ryan had overseen. Fearing for the safety of his family, and still in shocked grief over his wife’s death, Ryan carefully weighed the options the FBI lay before them.

“The twins both had dreams of playing big time college and possibly pro. And I still loved coaching and we desperately wanted to maintain our family unity,” Ryan explained.

“They were shocked at my choice on starting a new life – thinking I was crazed from the events. But by becoming female, they are able to continue their playing careers, and while we were all kind of short for men’s hoops, we’re pretty tall for girls now, without being too freakish looking. And Ingrid and Eliza really turned out to be quite pretty and girlish, after the hormone treatment, surgery, and counseling.”

And as their new mom Robyn, she still gets to coach her girls after moving to a new state. The feds gave her a new history as a widow raising 2 teen daughters while coaching their new school to a state title .

“I’m finally used to wearing heels and a bra,” snickers the 45 year old who’s become this stunning mature female. “And the three of us are closer then ever. The girls enjoy being girls, even around boys. And - they claim they’ll set their mom up on a blind date – but not until school’s out!”

Mother and Daughters take their new femininity to a whole new level... click on the link below to see how!

The Sequel: Trifecta

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