Friday, March 26, 2010

TGT - Oceanside (New Season - A "new" Generation in 92049)

A new season unfolds, as a “new” family member arrives…

But DON’T call her GRANDMA!

On the season premiere of Oceanside 92049…

Now that Mary and Jenny Wyatt have called a truce in their war to seduce every T-loving man in SoCal, a stranger with a somewhat familiar face knocks on their door.

Meet Lora Wyatt – she’s sixty, sexy, and is the ultimate “cougar.” Mary and her daughter remember her as Luther Wyatt – Mark’s father and Josh’s granddad.

Can their community accept three generations of T-girl seduction? Or will old jealousies reignite hard feelings between mother, daughter, and granddaughter??



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Three Point Play


Police Chief Ryan Winslow was very well known in his community, not only as a respected lawman, but as the coach of the local high school basketball team. But he was most proud of his fraternal twin sons, Ian and Ethan, who were the starting guards on Ryan’s all-regional playoff team two years straight.

That all changed the night the local drug kingpins murdered Debbie, Ryan’s wife and the boys’ mother, in retaliation for the recent sting operation Ryan had overseen. Fearing for the safety of his family, and still in shocked grief over his wife’s death, Ryan carefully weighed the options the FBI lay before them.

“The twins both had dreams of playing big time college and possibly pro. And I still loved coaching and we desperately wanted to maintain our family unity,” Ryan explained.

“They were shocked at my choice on starting a new life – thinking I was crazed from the events. But by becoming female, they are able to continue their playing careers, and while we were all kind of short for men’s hoops, we’re pretty tall for girls now, without being too freakish looking. And Ingrid and Eliza really turned out to be quite pretty and girlish, after the hormone treatment, surgery, and counseling.”

And as their new mom Robyn, she still gets to coach her girls after moving to a new state. The feds gave her a new history as a widow raising 2 teen daughters while coaching their new school to a state title .

“I’m finally used to wearing heels and a bra,” snickers the 45 year old who’s become this stunning mature female. “And the three of us are closer then ever. The girls enjoy being girls, even around boys. And - they claim they’ll set their mom up on a blind date – but not until school’s out!”

Mother and Daughters take their new femininity to a whole new level... click on the link below to see how!

The Sequel: Trifecta

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Generation Gendergirls: Long Lost "Sisters"

A success story from


“After all these years, we’re now both women – and mommies!”

20 years ago, high school best friends Stewart Dixon and Michael Costa were outcasts and mercilessly picked on as “sissies.” They confided in each other that they would together seek SRS to become the women they felt they were born to be. However, the Dixons moved cross-country the next year, and the friends lost track. In that time, each one of them married a woman, the found themselves as unhappy single dads (Stew’s wife died of cancer, and Michael’s wife was lost to addiction) Both had sons who shared their fathers’ identity crisis.

Through 3G, each family was assisted in transition. Heath and Jack Dixon used to fight constantly, now they are devoted sisters who love their mom with all their hearts. Dennis Costa was caught one day playing with Maria’s clothing “stash” and a heart to heart talk helped the new girls form an unbreakable bomb. Then last summer, a remarkable reunion happened, at the 3G Regional Family Conference.

3G’s marketing director was interview several families for a documentary, when they realized that Serena and Maria were the same age, from the same hometown, and attended the same school. Then the two mommies were introduced to each others’ family. The three young girls had instant chemistry and played with dolls and watched videos – but their parents were oblivious to the other identities until the 3G Special Director let the cat out of the bag. The long lost friends shrieked and sobbed as they hugged each other, reunited after two decades apart.

POSTSCRIPT: Serena and Maria now live as sisters in Texas. They live together, work together as real estate agents, and they even double date together. They also are raising three beautiful girls who love their cousins and aunties as much as they love their mommies.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Madame Jae's presents... father/son belly dancing?


Madame Jae’s is proud to open RAQS SHAQI, an exotic and erotic experience in the world of traditional Hellenic and Arabic dance (more commonly referred to as “belly dance”. The RAQS SHAQI experience is unique, in that, similar to Madame Jae’s salon, it caters to men wishing to express the woman within through dance and costume, and is particularly effective in female bonding between male family members.

“Dance has bonded us forever as mother and daughter” cites Iona Lambros, aka “Empress Iona”, the director of RAQS SHAQI. Iona’s daughter Celina – “Princess Celina” to the students she instructs agrees.

“Ten years ago, my mom was my dad (Irv Lewis, a dowdy banker) and I was his rebellious teenage son, Craig. We had hit rock bottom in our relationship and in life, and dad’s aunt Lana helped us out by recommending her friend – Madame Jae. We felt so right looking and acting as women. Then Lana helped us rediscover our long lost Greek Cypriot heritage, as Lana had danced throughout the years until her hip gave out.”

Iona continues, “Lana was also slowly dying of cancer, and she had no daughters to pass on the tradition of the dance to, and because we had just accepted the women inside of us, it was blessed to myself, Celina, and to Lana to bring the dance to the next two generations, and to awaken the fires of our ancestors, so they may blaze forever.”

RAQS SHQAI is now proud to start enrollment for new sisters, mothers , and daughters, taught personally by the beautiful, bubbly, and exotic Empress Iona and Princess Celina. Classes will begin next month, after the completion of the dance studio facility next door the landmark Madame Jae’s Salon.

Until it opens, Iona and Celina will be travelling the Mediterranean with their husbands. Of course, both ladies enjoying dancing in private for their husbands’ pleasure. ;)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Salute to Other Artists: a lazy Sunday morning showcase

Greetings friends - I hope you're as excited about the spring's warmer weather and brighter skies helping us get past this nasty nasty winter. I haven't been able to work on new stuff all week, but this Sunday I feel like I have some time to devote to something at least new and original - until then I will start March off like a lioness ;) and add some newer content from my favorite caption artists and some of their new family goodness. NOTE: I am absolutely 1000% not claiming any of this as mine, and I will try to give proper credit whenever I know I can. If you see something you made and it's not the correct credit, or you're not comfy with me showing it here on my blog - say so please. First, one of my sisters in the TG Caps universe, the delightfully loving and supportive Miss Jezzi Belle Stewart and her Vaingirls universe! Next, a blogger I have a lot of respect and admiration for, and one of the most unique creators in the TGverse - Stacy of Femulate... Again from TGCaps, who dabbles in both photo and graphic caps and also writes fiction - Lorna Samuels! Next a new salutee, and a woman who's output is stunningly graphic and erotic while also sweet and heartgripping, may I present Isobelle Nicholle... Whew! Those werew HAWT! Finally, someone miscellaneous additional other work that I have seen online and wanted to showcase. Some have artist watermarks in them so you can see who created them. THANK YOU ALL :) LXXXXXXX