Monday, February 22, 2010

Madame Jae's Caribbean Experience

L to R: Tara , Chloe, Arianna and Melina

(formerly Tom, Craig, Alex and Marty)

Gender bending on the high seas is fun – especially for fathers and sons! :)

14 night cruise

All inclusive

Full female wardrobe provided

(including fancy dress and swimwear)

Exotic ports of call

Top notch excursions

“There must be something in the sea air… we never thought being girls would be so much fun!” - Tara Svengard, St. Paul, MN (45)

“Ari and I became BFF, as did Mom and “aunt” Melina. We live 1000s of miles apart, but we’re all so close now. We love them so much” - Chloe Svengard, Tara’s daughter (20)

“We bonded with our daughters in a way that wasn’t possible when we were fathers and sons – thank you Madame Jae, we’ve already reserved for next year too!” - Melina Karcioglu, Philadelphia (42)

“I just hope that all those cute guys we partied with come back next year too!” - Arianna Karcioglu, Melina’s daughter (19)

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