Friday, February 5, 2010

Generation Gendergirls


“Without 3G, I’m not sure my daughters and I would have made it through our transition.”

Last year, thousands of people worldwide began a new chapter of their life and made their dreams come true by changing their gender. In the last few years, many men have had the dual pleasure of becoming happy, attractive women while simultaneously helping their sons, brothers, and even fathers through their own transformation. That’s why GENERATION GENDERGIRLS was formed – to be a resource for the new mother s, daughters, and sisters. We also are the voice of the multigenerational trans-family. We help new females with their self –confidence, provide educational resources for families before and after conversion, and support industries that support our families, such as retailers and hospitality.

Jeanne Clemons is one of 3G’s success stories. In her previous identity as Jerry, she was married to a lovely lady named Naomi, with whom she raised sons Adam and Brian. Then Naomi was diagnosed with leukemia, and was given a year to live after chemotherapy failed. Sensing that Jerry and sons would collapse in depression upon Naomi’s passing, the family’s social worker recommended their case to a 3G counselor who interviewed all of the Clemons.

With Naomi’s urging (even while in her final hours), the family was nominated to attend a 30 day session at the 3G Femmersion Spa and Institute in Winslow, Arizona. Thanks to our generous fundraising partners, the trio attended at no cost to their insurance, and even Jerry’s employer was compensated for his leave. Our skilled personal care attendants, cosmetologists, and therapists gave Jerry a sneak peek into a new life – as Jeanne, an lovely and demure mother of two sweet teen daughters – the newly christened April and Bethany.

The family had the opportunity to return to male life but their time as females not only helped them heal their loss, it gave them new purpose and a deeper love for each other. Once they signed off on a permanent transition, 3G was there every step of the way – giving advice on wardrobe, schools, a new job for Jeanne, and even romantic advice and support – because all three Clemons girls will need it!

To learn more about GENERATON GENDERGIRLS (3G), visit or call 888-555-3GGG

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