Thursday, February 11, 2010

Generation Gendergirls: Rose Petal Academy


“The staff and students at Rose Petal are so warm and caring. We’ve never felt so welcome as girls.”

Staci Rollins (28) spent the last year worrying about how her family’s transition to living as female would be perceived in her small community. “In our small town, nobody had ever seen a man and his sons all transition at once, so I was scared that Rebecca (5) would be teased and taunted in kindergarten . Also, whenever I took her and Lorelei (2) out shopping or to the park, I know there was lost of small-minded people who would look at us like we were freaks. I wasn’t comfortable now that I was a single mom about my safety either.”

In 2005, 3G opened the Rose Petal Academy, a private school designed not only to educate trans-daughters from levels K-12, but also to provide support, guidance, and sisterhood for the trans-mothers and their families. To Staci, Becky, and Lei, Rose Petal has been a godsend. “The teachers are very nice and pretty, and all of the other girls are my friends,” Becky gleeful tells us. “They all love being girls, just like my mommy and my baby sister.”

“I’m grateful that instead of menacing stares and haughty attitudes, we got open arms and warm smiles at Rose Petal, Staci says while wiping away a tear. “And it’s not just in Lei’s daycare or Becky’s class – I’ve seen how the older girls are taught how to be sweet but strong young women, and they let them express both their school pursuits and their feminine grave and charm. They even prepare them for their social lives, and being a woman on the job and even dating and courtship. And through the network of other students and their mommies, sisters, and even a couple of grandmas , my life is so much better than it was. I now have some very close girlfriends and some sweet young girls who call me Aunt Staci. Through my girlfriend Lana I also got a great job at Lady Sunshine (another 3G success story!) and that’s where I met my soul mate Kurt. My girls are looking forward to being in our wedding ceremony and having a step-daddy. We are so blessed!”

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