Saturday, February 6, 2010

Generation Gendergirls: NEW-TWO


It’s time the end the cycle of crime, abuse, and broken dreams.

“Boys being boys” is what some in this country say whenever their sons and brothers misbehave, and it is we as a society who pays the price. 3G has been speaking to communities, churches, schools, and even Congress about our groundbreaking NEW-TWO program. For juvenile offenders who are sons of repeat adult offenders, NEW-TWO offers fathers and sons with criminal records an opportunity to avoid the cycle of going in and out of prison by agreeing to surgical procedures, hormonal therapy and psychiatric counseling designed to turn change at-risk males to gentle, peaceful, and beautiful females.

Pablo Cortez had been in and out of courts, prisons, halfway houses and addiction treatment since he was 14. At age 34, he barely had a relationship with his son Donnie, who at 15 already had spent a few years in juvenile. NEW-TWO gave them a shot at breaking the cycle, by trading in their stubborn male ways for a new life. Two years later, Penelope has stopped taking drugs and gone “straight” working in retail, while Danielle is back in school and even become a cheerleader. As mother and daughter, they are closer than ever, and instead of broken dreams, they now dream of careers, college, and even starting new families.

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