Saturday, February 20, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Say Cheese!

“OK LADIES…. SMILE AND SAY CHEESE! Beautiful! What a lovely family portrait!”

“OK, I have to admit – we really do make some beautiful girls,” admitted Rob Caldwell (35), who, thanks to a mysterious magical vase, was temporarily transformed into the lovely blonde woman Renee. “And I’m enjoying the chance to be a mom to you, sunshine,” Renee coos to her son Alex, who was also transformed into a pretty girl.

“Just like you, dear, I’m also enjoying being a happy mother – and grandmother,” adds 62 year old Edgar, who as the newly feminine Erika, has long silver locks framing her pretty face and youthful figure. “I especially love how we three ladies have such long, straight beautiful hair.”

“Well, don’t get used to it you two,” cautioned Renee. “The lady at the shop said the effects of the vase will fade soon!”

“Yes, so sad that our vacation as girls will end we’ll go back to watching football and grilling steaks and loud belching and such..” Erika smirked.

Young Ashley shook her head. “Oh give me a break you two. OK, I thought you were both crazy when you told me about the magic vase, and when I first saw myself as a girl, I hated it! But now you know I would love nothing more than play with Barbies and going shopping with the prettiest mommy and prettiest grandmom in the world. And I know you BROKE the vase so we can’t change even if we wanted to.”

“BUSTED!” laughed Renee and Erika as they hugged. The trio was never closer then when they were before tapping into the vase’s magic.

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