Saturday, February 6, 2010

Belle Donne Italiane - now on FM, StorySite & Literotica!

After debuting the caption version of this tale here on Family Tradition, I took a chance at posting the text version of the story on three of TGdom's top sites. So far so good :) I got a lot of very nice comments on Crystal's StorySite, a few less but constructive criticisms on Fictionmania, and nothing yet from Literotica, but I'm sure they will come. I think people really indentified with Tina, Lucy, and Juli, both in terms of the love they had for each other, and the passion of being a T-girl and the fun that comes with that.

Here are the links:


Fictionmania: also where I had previously posted Las Chicanas, Mallory in the Middle, Love is Grand (but here on FT, I reworked the story), and New Mother and Daughter (the last of which was a pretty cliche sex romp - but if you like cliche sex romps, you'll love it :)

Literotica: Also has LIG and Las Chics.

Previously I had also put some stories on Big Closet, but the tone of that site is more for serious TG "realism" I realize that my fantasies are much more whimsical than what they tend to go for.

I hope to be able to "flush" out some more "writing" as opposed to caps, but you'll never see me do any really long stories for two reasons:
1. I just dont have the attention span to focus on writing a long story.
2. I barely have time to devote to caps as is!

But I hope that whether its pretty pictures, written text, or both, that you enjoy your time at FT and that you dream lovely ladies with that special something - whether they be young, old, or in between, and whether you dream of being the beauty, or of finding one to posess. Much love.

Annie xxxxoooo

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