Thursday, February 25, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Draw Your Own Conclusions!

“Hey Dad, do want pancakes or waffles tonight?” Jeremy Schmidt asked his dad Nolan as he strolled into Nolan’s art studio, where the 38 year old single dad eked out a career as a freelance graphic artist.

“Waffles, and it’s awfully nice of you to pitch in son… Oops!” as Nolan dropped several pieces of paper.

“I got it… lucky it’s not smudged, you… wow, Dad… this is that comic I saw in the paper… Kimmie and Charlotte, I think it’s called. Did you… draw this?”

“Uh, no son. I mean I saw it in the paper too, and I liked ths style… so I was just doodling along and”

“Dad… is that… lipstick you’re WEARING?”

Nolan felt shame and could not look Jeremy in the eyes for a minute, but then he sighed and said, “Let’s talk.”

Nolan led Jeremy to the unused third bedroom in their house. He unlocked a cabinet and showed the 10 year old a portfolio of color and B&W sketches of Charlotte Blaine, the beautiful co-protagonist of the strip.

“I have been a cross dressed since before you were born, Jeremy. I feel like a woman inside. By dressing as my femme self, I feel free of the burdens of work, fatherhood, and manliness. I become Naomi Steiner, the creator of Kimmie and Charlotte. I life vicariously through Naomi.

Nolan began to sob and beg for forgiveness, and Jeremy held him, and he told his dad he had nothing to be shamed of. “Dad, if you are Charlotte in the strip, who is Kimmie? Me? Do you wish I was really a little girl”

Dad faintly smiled as he wiped away his tears. “I’m so proud of you, my son, you are a fine young man. So don’t take this the wrong – but in my daydreams, I always wanted to be a mother to a pretty, happy little girl with whom I could take shopping, style her hair, and teach how to be a young woman, like Charlotte does for Kimmie.”

Jeremy laughed – rather, he giggled. He took out his cell phone and showed Nolan a picture saved on it.

“She’s very pretty – do you have a girlfriend now, son?”

Naw, Dad. This is Jenna. You may know her mother, Naomi.” Jeremy winked.

Nolan gasped, “You’re beautiful! But how did you get yourself to look like this?”

“My friend Tara – her mom owns a beauty salon. She’s pretty good with the styling herself, and luckily her clothes fit so good. They feel good too. You know, I bet Ms. Pat could do the same for you, Mommy.”

Both of them hugged and cried again.

3 YEARS LATER: Now in syndication in over 5000 newspapers worldwide, Charlotte and Kimmie won Comic Daily of the Year from the World Press Organization. Naomi took Jenna (now 13) to the awards ceremony, and both looked awesome in their gowns.

“So do you miss having your Dad around the house, sweetheart?”

“No way Mom, but I know you enjoy being engaged to George and he’ll be a great stepdad. And I’m looking to being asked to dance at the Junior High cotillion!”

Monday, February 22, 2010

Madame Jae's Caribbean Experience

L to R: Tara , Chloe, Arianna and Melina

(formerly Tom, Craig, Alex and Marty)

Gender bending on the high seas is fun – especially for fathers and sons! :)

14 night cruise

All inclusive

Full female wardrobe provided

(including fancy dress and swimwear)

Exotic ports of call

Top notch excursions

“There must be something in the sea air… we never thought being girls would be so much fun!” - Tara Svengard, St. Paul, MN (45)

“Ari and I became BFF, as did Mom and “aunt” Melina. We live 1000s of miles apart, but we’re all so close now. We love them so much” - Chloe Svengard, Tara’s daughter (20)

“We bonded with our daughters in a way that wasn’t possible when we were fathers and sons – thank you Madame Jae, we’ve already reserved for next year too!” - Melina Karcioglu, Philadelphia (42)

“I just hope that all those cute guys we partied with come back next year too!” - Arianna Karcioglu, Melina’s daughter (19)

Speak with one of our travel agents today.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Say Cheese!

“OK LADIES…. SMILE AND SAY CHEESE! Beautiful! What a lovely family portrait!”

“OK, I have to admit – we really do make some beautiful girls,” admitted Rob Caldwell (35), who, thanks to a mysterious magical vase, was temporarily transformed into the lovely blonde woman Renee. “And I’m enjoying the chance to be a mom to you, sunshine,” Renee coos to her son Alex, who was also transformed into a pretty girl.

“Just like you, dear, I’m also enjoying being a happy mother – and grandmother,” adds 62 year old Edgar, who as the newly feminine Erika, has long silver locks framing her pretty face and youthful figure. “I especially love how we three ladies have such long, straight beautiful hair.”

“Well, don’t get used to it you two,” cautioned Renee. “The lady at the shop said the effects of the vase will fade soon!”

“Yes, so sad that our vacation as girls will end we’ll go back to watching football and grilling steaks and loud belching and such..” Erika smirked.

Young Ashley shook her head. “Oh give me a break you two. OK, I thought you were both crazy when you told me about the magic vase, and when I first saw myself as a girl, I hated it! But now you know I would love nothing more than play with Barbies and going shopping with the prettiest mommy and prettiest grandmom in the world. And I know you BROKE the vase so we can’t change even if we wanted to.”

“BUSTED!” laughed Renee and Erika as they hugged. The trio was never closer then when they were before tapping into the vase’s magic.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Generation Gendergirls: Rose Petal Academy


“The staff and students at Rose Petal are so warm and caring. We’ve never felt so welcome as girls.”

Staci Rollins (28) spent the last year worrying about how her family’s transition to living as female would be perceived in her small community. “In our small town, nobody had ever seen a man and his sons all transition at once, so I was scared that Rebecca (5) would be teased and taunted in kindergarten . Also, whenever I took her and Lorelei (2) out shopping or to the park, I know there was lost of small-minded people who would look at us like we were freaks. I wasn’t comfortable now that I was a single mom about my safety either.”

In 2005, 3G opened the Rose Petal Academy, a private school designed not only to educate trans-daughters from levels K-12, but also to provide support, guidance, and sisterhood for the trans-mothers and their families. To Staci, Becky, and Lei, Rose Petal has been a godsend. “The teachers are very nice and pretty, and all of the other girls are my friends,” Becky gleeful tells us. “They all love being girls, just like my mommy and my baby sister.”

“I’m grateful that instead of menacing stares and haughty attitudes, we got open arms and warm smiles at Rose Petal, Staci says while wiping away a tear. “And it’s not just in Lei’s daycare or Becky’s class – I’ve seen how the older girls are taught how to be sweet but strong young women, and they let them express both their school pursuits and their feminine grave and charm. They even prepare them for their social lives, and being a woman on the job and even dating and courtship. And through the network of other students and their mommies, sisters, and even a couple of grandmas , my life is so much better than it was. I now have some very close girlfriends and some sweet young girls who call me Aunt Staci. Through my girlfriend Lana I also got a great job at Lady Sunshine (another 3G success story!) and that’s where I met my soul mate Kurt. My girls are looking forward to being in our wedding ceremony and having a step-daddy. We are so blessed!”

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Generation Gendergirls: Sisterhood of Industry


“It’s not a man’s world anymore, and my mom and I are going to take advantage of it.” – Jessica Sanders

Living the American Dream is about freedom – freedom not only to live the life you wish as the gender your inside, but also to live, work, and play the way you want to. In 2002, 3G formed the Sisterhood of Industry (SI),a support group that lobbies on behalf of trans-family operated small and medium sized businesses nationwide.

In the late ‘90s, auto body mechanic Bryan Sanders was a single dad working lots of overtime to help raise his teen son Jacob, while each dealt with their transexualism.

They sacrificed more than most families when they transitioned to become Barbara and Jessica, and thanks to educational grants from SI, the Sanders girls opened Lady Sunshine Florists soon after Jessica graduated college with her BS in Horticulture. Working together with state agencies, the SBA, and 3G partners such as Collins Sisters CPA and the Gender Family Law Centre, the new business grew from a staff of 3 to 68 in 2010, and Lady Sunshine won numerous awards, including Best Green Business Entrepreneurs and the Tolerance Gold Standard as “best employer for trans-family” (currently eight former 3G family clients work for Lady Sunshine, including the head of HR and her sister , a regional sales manager ).

The business is profitable, and perhaps more importantly, Barb and Jessie felt blessed to have to grown their love of floral design and working together as mother and daughter into this successful enterprise. “After years of shutting down the voice inside,” Barb admits, “the freedom of being a woman, with my best friend, business partner, my pride and joy – thank you SI and thank you 3G!”

2010 will be a busy year for the duo – Barb will now go her long delayed college degree, while Jessie returns for her MBA. They will open a second greenhouse and distribution facility that will employ 50 more staff once fully operational. Jess will also serve as co-chair of the newly formed SI Leadership Forum, which will mentor new trans-family start-up businesses.

And in June, mother and daughter will wed their fiancées in a dual ceremony. Of course, there will be plenty of pretty flowers at the church!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Belle Donne Italiane - now on FM, StorySite & Literotica!

After debuting the caption version of this tale here on Family Tradition, I took a chance at posting the text version of the story on three of TGdom's top sites. So far so good :) I got a lot of very nice comments on Crystal's StorySite, a few less but constructive criticisms on Fictionmania, and nothing yet from Literotica, but I'm sure they will come. I think people really indentified with Tina, Lucy, and Juli, both in terms of the love they had for each other, and the passion of being a T-girl and the fun that comes with that.

Here are the links:


Fictionmania: also where I had previously posted Las Chicanas, Mallory in the Middle, Love is Grand (but here on FT, I reworked the story), and New Mother and Daughter (the last of which was a pretty cliche sex romp - but if you like cliche sex romps, you'll love it :)

Literotica: Also has LIG and Las Chics.

Previously I had also put some stories on Big Closet, but the tone of that site is more for serious TG "realism" I realize that my fantasies are much more whimsical than what they tend to go for.

I hope to be able to "flush" out some more "writing" as opposed to caps, but you'll never see me do any really long stories for two reasons:
1. I just dont have the attention span to focus on writing a long story.
2. I barely have time to devote to caps as is!

But I hope that whether its pretty pictures, written text, or both, that you enjoy your time at FT and that you dream lovely ladies with that special something - whether they be young, old, or in between, and whether you dream of being the beauty, or of finding one to posess. Much love.

Annie xxxxoooo

Generation Gendergirls: NEW-TWO


It’s time the end the cycle of crime, abuse, and broken dreams.

“Boys being boys” is what some in this country say whenever their sons and brothers misbehave, and it is we as a society who pays the price. 3G has been speaking to communities, churches, schools, and even Congress about our groundbreaking NEW-TWO program. For juvenile offenders who are sons of repeat adult offenders, NEW-TWO offers fathers and sons with criminal records an opportunity to avoid the cycle of going in and out of prison by agreeing to surgical procedures, hormonal therapy and psychiatric counseling designed to turn change at-risk males to gentle, peaceful, and beautiful females.

Pablo Cortez had been in and out of courts, prisons, halfway houses and addiction treatment since he was 14. At age 34, he barely had a relationship with his son Donnie, who at 15 already had spent a few years in juvenile. NEW-TWO gave them a shot at breaking the cycle, by trading in their stubborn male ways for a new life. Two years later, Penelope has stopped taking drugs and gone “straight” working in retail, while Danielle is back in school and even become a cheerleader. As mother and daughter, they are closer than ever, and instead of broken dreams, they now dream of careers, college, and even starting new families.

To learn more about GENERATON GENDERGIRLS (3G), visit or call 888-555-3GGG

Friday, February 5, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Motivational Poster

Generation Gendergirls


“Without 3G, I’m not sure my daughters and I would have made it through our transition.”

Last year, thousands of people worldwide began a new chapter of their life and made their dreams come true by changing their gender. In the last few years, many men have had the dual pleasure of becoming happy, attractive women while simultaneously helping their sons, brothers, and even fathers through their own transformation. That’s why GENERATION GENDERGIRLS was formed – to be a resource for the new mother s, daughters, and sisters. We also are the voice of the multigenerational trans-family. We help new females with their self –confidence, provide educational resources for families before and after conversion, and support industries that support our families, such as retailers and hospitality.

Jeanne Clemons is one of 3G’s success stories. In her previous identity as Jerry, she was married to a lovely lady named Naomi, with whom she raised sons Adam and Brian. Then Naomi was diagnosed with leukemia, and was given a year to live after chemotherapy failed. Sensing that Jerry and sons would collapse in depression upon Naomi’s passing, the family’s social worker recommended their case to a 3G counselor who interviewed all of the Clemons.

With Naomi’s urging (even while in her final hours), the family was nominated to attend a 30 day session at the 3G Femmersion Spa and Institute in Winslow, Arizona. Thanks to our generous fundraising partners, the trio attended at no cost to their insurance, and even Jerry’s employer was compensated for his leave. Our skilled personal care attendants, cosmetologists, and therapists gave Jerry a sneak peek into a new life – as Jeanne, an lovely and demure mother of two sweet teen daughters – the newly christened April and Bethany.

The family had the opportunity to return to male life but their time as females not only helped them heal their loss, it gave them new purpose and a deeper love for each other. Once they signed off on a permanent transition, 3G was there every step of the way – giving advice on wardrobe, schools, a new job for Jeanne, and even romantic advice and support – because all three Clemons girls will need it!

To learn more about GENERATON GENDERGIRLS (3G), visit or call 888-555-3GGG