Friday, January 22, 2010

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Faith Young: Reunion with costar (now fiancé)

Max Powell is “a dream come true”

By Beverly Collins-Sanchez

“Isn’t it gorgeous,” blonde beauty Faith Young cooed as she showed me her 2.6 karat engagement ring given to her a week ago in Maui by boyfriend Max Powell. Faith sat down with me to dish on her amazing transformation from leading man Felix to sexy starlet Faith, the bonding between her, her new mother Jillian and new daughter Marlee, Max’s first reaction to his long-time Mackenzie PI’s sudden sex change, and how they are balancing being costars again – but this time on opposite sides of the sex fence!

You have a very interesting story to tell us about Max’s first meeting with you as Faith.

Yes, well after Max had put his foot in his mouth about how I must be trying to recreate being Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis – then he finally saw a screening of (Forever Young) and he said he got chills – he said he saw the same glimmer in my eyes that he knew from our days in Mackenzie, but he definitely saw me as a new person – as a woman. And he definitely said seeing Mom and Marlee as girls was like seeing them as butterflies coming out their shells.

Then you met at the premier of Forever in New York – in private.

It was surreal. Here was my best buddy, my partner from the series, and I was dressed in an evening gown and I couldn’t help myself. I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. He really was the first man I looked at as being handsome – and sexy. We must have called and texted each other for weeks after that - he was on Broadway and when his run ended, we took off for Italy. And that’s when I fell in love with my best friend. And now in our new series (Healing Angels), we play surgeons who are spouses.

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