Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Raven Films - FOREVER YOUNG - movie review


“Forever Young” creating Oscar buzz for producer, trio of stars

Gender-swap family of actors amazing transformation

Since its debut last week, Forever Young has shocked the Hollywood community both in the depth of its storyline, but also in its very revolutionary casting – taking three generations of Hollywood hunkdom – two time Academy Award winner Gordon Young, his Mackenzie PI heartthrob son Felix Young, and Felix’s uber-brat son Marshall Young, and casting them as a cinematic

version of themselves.

Granddad Gordon, still mourning the loss of his wife Willa to cancer, invites son and grandson to the family’s North Carolina coastal retreat. Together, the three actors open up a hope chest left by Willa – inside is a script she wrote about three actors who spend a summer at the beach in female role. A note from Willa asks Gordon to call her sister Pam, a noted film makeup artist and costumer, and in tribute to their beloved Willa, the Gordon guys decide to become the Gordon gals.

Viewers watch with awe as “Gillian”, “Faith”, and “Marlee” come to life, walking and talking as if they has never had the Y chromosome…

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