Saturday, January 23, 2010

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In our November issue


“Do I still like girls? Sometimes, yes. But not always…”

Only in NIGHTCAP – an exclusive and super sexy photo shoot with the most notorious gender bending icon in Hollywood – followed by a no holds barred interview with Marlee where no topic is taboo:

“Who knew guys were so yummy Now – do I still like girls? Sometimes, yes. But not always… I’m pretty competitive, so sometimes I want the bitch outta there so I can have the guy all to myself.”

“I’m so happy for Mom and Max. But I was talking about it with Grandma Gil as we were shopping. Mom loves being the center of his world, so they’re monogamous. Grandma and I, we’re a little bit more open. Actually, I’m wilder than Gillie is. But now all three of us are very open about sex.”

“Everyone wants to know – did I get my c*** removed? Unless we’re gonna f***, who needs to know? Well, one of these days, I’ll get a script with a love scene it in. Until then, everyone will just have to guess!”

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