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Madame Jae's Presents - Belle donne italiane (conclusion)

Belle donne italiane

One Year Later – Q&A with Juliana Genovese

Juli, what do you love most about being a girl?

OH, I love shopping – everyone says I’m going to use my credit cards so much, they’ll melt from the heat! I love going out with my new girlfriends I met through Madame Jae’s, but nothing is more special than when it’s just me, Mom and Nana – good times with the Genovese girls. I also love having Loretta take care of my long hair and nails. Oh and I love my boyfriend – I mean my fiancé! Look at this beautiful ring he gave me! I’m going to be a bride, just like my mother!

Congratulations! It seems like yesterday that you met Joey for the first time at Tina's party.

Actually, we had met before in college – we were both in the same English Lit class. We also saw each other at dorm parties, but we both kept to ourselves instead of mingling. Nice guy, kept to himself. Then the shock of seeing him as my date at the party told me why he wasn’t trying to score with chicks at school – he was into special girls – and holy shit – now I was suddenly one of those special girls. He claims that he knew who I was when he met me, but I dunno – I sure didn’t look as good when I was Johnny at school as I did that night, or since then. (giggle)

Do you mind telling us how your love life has been?

Joey and I are so much in love, and we’re just horny all of the time. Especially spontaneous sex! Last week, we fucked in the back of a cab! I just can’t get enough of his thick cock! Oh and when he plays with my rather larger clit – I just lose all control. Am I slut or what?

Tina says that you’re a bigger screamer than she is True?

I don’t know about that – I think all us Italian girls love to be fucked hard. And you know what? After that night at the party, Mom gave both me and Nana a special gift – our own “Mister Happy” So Mom, it’s your damn fault that your daughter screams like a whore OK? Seriously, both Mom and Nana have been very open with me about their sex lives, and I with them. It’s like “Sex and the City” – we talk about orgasms, shoes, and dick size. We’ve never been closer!

Juliana Sophia Genovese

Age 21

Dress Size 3 - Cup Size 32 B

Engaged to Joey Finelli , fellow student at Belle University

Favorite sexual position: Legs up

One Year Later – Q&A with Luciana Genovese

Lucy, what do you love most about being a woman?

Hmmm – well the Genovese curse has finally been broken (laughs) I mean, I’m 5-6, which is actually a great height for woman. By the way, look at these titties! Pretty fucking good for a 62 year old broad, eh? Seriously – I never would have believed that being a woman was so much fun. The clothes – the shoes – showing off your curves and watching men watching you – checking out pocket bulges and realizing that they are caused by little ole me – who’d ever think that Lou Genovese was such a cock-tease?

Lucy, you are too much. So how are things going with you and Paulie?

Just wonderful – we just got back from a week in Miami Beach, and we spent hours walking along the shore, stopping in shops and some wonderful romantic dinners. Then we would make love for hours. I just want to say – to the inventors of Viagra – THANK YOU! And it’s not just for my Paulie – god what a gorgeous dick that man has. I use it too! He loves sucking on my nipples while giving me a hand job.

Wow, and I thought Tina was a horny bitch. Like daughter, like mother eh?

And like grandmother, like granddaughter too. I thought after Tina and Mike moved into their own place, that Juliana and I would have some peace and quiet. Then she and her Joey start fucking every night. Of course, I’d get back at her by inviting Paulie over for the night. Now that she’s going to be married, and I’m so happy for both my girls finding their Mister Rights, Juli’s moving out, and I’m finally going to move in with Paulie. Tina will sell her house and we’ll all pitch in to get a winter getaway in Florida.

So how has the transformation of father, son, and grandson made your lives happier?

Oh God, you're going to make me cry – thank God for this run proof mascara! Every time I think of my beloved Angie, up in heaven, I think of the impact she had on our whole family. Too bad my long lost daughters don’t want to associate with us – fuck them – I have the best mother/daughter and granddaughter relationship any woman ever had. And we all have wonderful guys who will look out for us and make us feel like the very special women we become! Grazie, Madame Jae!

Luciana Maria Genovese

Age 62

Dress Size 2 - Cup Size 34 C

Relationship with Paulie Russino,

her old high school buddy

Favorite sexual position: Cowgirl

One Year Later – Q&A with Tatiana Genovese

Tina, what has it been like to watch Lucy and Juli fully embrace womanhood?

My heart is full of joy at watching them blossom into beautiful feminine creatures. Madame Jae was right to suggest that they give it a try, as it fit their personalities so well. And I honestly believe that will add years to Mama’s life. After Angela, my birth mother, passed, Dad was a basket case, honestly. He resented being so short that he overcompensated trying to be a tough guy. Now she’s my mother and you never saw such a sexy, beautiful mature lady. Hottest “grandmother” you ever saw. And Johnny was such a nice boy but he was not cut out for being hard and mean like the other boys. Now she’s my angel makes me so proud to be her mother – she’s smart, confident, and so beautiful and now my baby’s engaged, oh my God, she’s so happy now (sniff)

You should be proud of her. So how are things going since you and Mike tied the knot?

Well, after the most romantic honeymoon in Europe (and thanks to Madame Jae and Loretta for helping me get that passport – and the marriage license too), Mike and I decided to get into the hospitality business. We just signed a lease and will open our new bistro next month – “Belle Donne Italiane” I’m hiring several T-girls who I met over the years through the salon as hostesses, waitresses, and I’ll be in the kitchen supervising coz that’s what I do best! Mike’s construction business will keep him busy during the day. Good thing too – if we tried to work together, I’d be so distracted by that fat and juicy cock of his that I’d never get anything done!

It sounds like marriage has not changed your sex life one bit.

I think it’s better than ever! I tell Juli this all the time – and I’m trying to drop Mama hints about getting a ring outta Paulie. Every girl should have the wedding of their dreams, especially Italian girls!

So which of the Genovese girls is really the loudest in bed?

You know… every time Mama or Juli brings this up, I tell ‘em… put up or shut up! Here’s what I wanna do. By this winter we finally will settle on our new place in Florida. This six of us will all spend a week down there, breaking it in… if you know what I mean. And then we’re get one of those things that measures how many decibels a sound is. The bitch who screams and moans the loudest wins a romantic dinner cooked by the other two girls. Believe me, it’ll be very competitive; why? Because we’re the fucking Genovese girls, that’s why! Capice? PS: God I’m getting hard just thinking of this. :)

Tatiana Celeste Genovese- DeGallo

Age 42

Dress Size 5 - Cup Size 36 B

Married to Mike DeGallo,

Lucy gave away the bride, and Juli was her maid of honor

Favorite sexual position: Doggie style

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