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Madame Jae's Presents - Belle donne italiane (pt 2)

Belle donne italiane

“Beautiful women are born, not made…”

Madame Jae

Concept and story by Annabelle Raven

All rights to photographs per their copyright holders.


Since Tommy's retirement from the force and emergence as Tina, a lot of wonderful things have happened. First and foremost, the guy who slashed Tina was sentenced to life for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Tina has fully recovered from her wounds, and all of her plastic surgery, along with some hormone therapy, have made the already beautiful Italian T-girl that much more stunning. She did retain her male organ, which she keeps tucked neatly away with the latest in gaff technology.

However, her “clitoris” is often freed from its pouch whenever her spectacular body is being ravaged by her new boyfriend, Mike DeGallo. Tina met Mike through Madame Jae’s “J-Team” social function. The J-Team consists of single men through out the area who have an interest in meeting and possibly dating girls who have been to the Salon. The men are screened for health, are all gainfully employed, and have proven that they are not cheating on wives or significant others. They are very respectful of the T-girls and their family and friends. The attraction between Tina and Mike was almost instantaneous. Mike is everything physically that Tommy was not: tall, beefy, and 100% grade A American male. Tina immediately set out to seduce the handsome construction contractor and make him hers.

Soon, Mike met Lou and Johnny and both of them liked the choice that Tina had made. Of course, Tina made all three guys a great spaghetti dinner before she and Mike excused themselves for a night of passion.

Kiddingly, Johnny quipped to his grandfather, “When she was still my Dad, I had no idea she was such a moaner and a screamer. Do we have any earplugs around the house?”

Lou shrugged, “Well, at least she’s enjoying her new life. I never expected my son would turn out to be such a beautiful woman. She’s a fine woman, and I’m proud to call her my daughter and your mother. You know, Johnny, we should be all be so happy to live our lives as we please.” Johnny nodded in agreement`.


Tina’s birthday was in June, and as a gift, Mike took her on a romantic 2 week cruise to the lower Caribbean. After dropping the lovebirds off at the terminal, Lou took an unexpected phone call – from the mysterious Madame Jae.

“As you know, I own the salon that in essence gave birth to Tina. I know she has since become one of my friends and a great joy. I have a proposal for you and your grandson regarding a special birthday gift. Could I meet with both of you tomorrow morning to discuss what I am proposing?” she asked , unsure of the elder Genovese’s reaction to her unsolicited call.

“Madame, Johnny is back in town from college, so we will both be available. I’m very happy you called us, and I look forward to hearing your idea. After all, we have you to thank for making my daughter and Johnny’s mother so happy and lovely. You know, I always wondered how you were able to accomplish what you did in turning my son into such a beautiful Italian woman.”

“I thank you for the compliments. And I’m pleased to hear about your interest in my work. I will be delighted to give you and Johnny a personal demonstration of our salon’s work.”


“So young lady… what do you think of the results of our little experiment,” Madame Jae cooed.

The lithe brunette could only gasp at what the mirror clearly demonstrated. “Holy shit,” whispered Johnny Genovese, “I’m almost as good looking a chick as (gulp) my mother!” The youngster wondered fearfully what his grandfather would say to him wearing makeup, lingerie, and a wig.

Johnny’s shock at being exposed to Madame Jae’s salon magic pales only to the reaction Lou had to seeing himself in a pale pin dress with a soft brown wig, opera gloves, and – believe it or not – the curves of a glamorous woman.

“This is… unbelievable. How is this possible. I can’t… Johnny, he can’t see me like this, it would be…”

“Let me show you something just as incredible,” Madame Jae’s assistant, Loretta said sweetly, as she took Lou by the hand down the hallway. The bodice he was wearing and the unease in heels forced him to take mincing steps, causing his suddenly bubbled bottom to sway like a lifelong female. His male ego was smothered. Loretta welcomed Lou into the room where Madame Jae was waiting with a somewhat familiar young woman. Then it hit Lou and Johnny simultaneously – their painted lips agape.

“Lucy”, Loretta said to the elder Genovese, “this is your beautiful granddaughter “Juliana.”

“Juli,” Madame Jae said, “this lovely lady is your dear grandmother Luciana. “

The feminized males looked at each, with each parts terror, shock, and captivation. The salon owner grinned and said, “Girls, why don’t you greet each other with a hug and a kiss?”

Ummm… OK,” Juli demurely said. She stood up and despite also being a virgin to heels, did not wobble and looked very graceful doing so. She tentatively approach a stunned Lucy.

“Hi Pops… sorry. I mean… good afternoon, Nana,” she cooed as she gently placed her manicured hands on Lucy's bare shoulders, while gently kissing her cheek. The suddenly stunning patriarch returned the favor, kissing Juli’s cheek.

“Why so formal?” Lucy joked, eliciting giggles from her former grandson. “My God… now it looks like your mother has a twin sister. Hell, we could all pass for triplets, don’t you think?” Lucy said with a shy smile and an unintended feminine arm motion.

Madame Jae sat the duo down to talk. “Here is what I propose for the two of you – as a gift to Tina, you both will experience a taste of what she has gone through with her transformation."

"Tina has always wished that she could have bonded with her mother as a woman – well Lucy, with your transformation, she can have that wish come true. Juli, I also transformed you because I know she would love to bond with her own daughter. Now I’m asking that we keep you both in girl-mode for the next few weeks, until she and Mike return from their cruise. I fully expect that Mike will propose marriage to her while they are away, so her birthday gift will be – in addition to an engagement ring – the experience of bonding with her lovely mother and daughter. Even though the party is two weeks away, that will give you both plenty of time to experience what it’s like to be beautiful Italian-American


"I want you both to bond in your female roles, as I suspect that you can be as adept at being women as Tina is. I know from speaking with Tina, that she worried Lou growing old without direction in his life in retirement. She also worries about Johnny being too shy and self-conscious unlike the boys he goes to school with. And you both have fretted all your lives about being small and frail… qualities that shamed Tommy for years. But as Tina, she has made these flaws into her best qualities. As a woman, she has the most incredible figure– and it looks like it’s a family trait, as you both look as incredible. Do you agree, Lucy – Juli?”

“Thank you – I think,” said Lucy , who shot a bemused look at Juli, who giggled.

Madame Jae continued, “Oh, there’s more to being a special girl like Tina. Every princess deserves a prince! Each of you will have an escort at the party – a fellow your age who will take you on the dance floor, hold your hand, and whisper sweet nothings in your ears. Like Mike, they are members of our J-Club and are used to showing new girls a good time. I encourage you to let yourself go in the role of a beautiful woman being courted by an attractive man."

"Let them sweep you off your feet - open doors for you, and lavish you with compliments. I highly recommend snuggling with them and letting them pepper you with soft kisses. Get lost in the fantasy of their bedroom eyes. And if they slip you a little tongue or firmly caress your soft curves– relax and go with the flow!"

"They will be total gentlemen and not go beyond your preset boundaries. And let me assure you – all that we have done today and over the next two weeks is reversible – if you want it to be. And your decision about your gender identity and sexual orientation is your own. But I want you to have fun as two sexy Italian women, just like your wonderful mother and daughter. What you both think about that?”

Juli looked at Lucy, smiled and turned to Madame Jae and Loretta. “Ladies, you and your staff have done a wonderful job, and I think your idea of this gift for my Mom is so incredible. I know I speak for both of us when I say that we would do ANYTHING to make her happy. Even on a trial basis, I would try to be the best daughter any mom ever had!”

“What, no love for your dear old grandmother?” Lucy teased with a ice-breaking smile as she pulled the younger beauty into a warm embrace. “Where you think you and Tina get your gorgeous Sicilian looks from anyway?”

“I’m going to LOVE having my Nana back!” gushed the young T-girl as she hugged and the person she had always known as Pops.

“Your real Nana – my blessed Angie – she must be looking down on us and wondering what the hell the men in her life are doing looking like Vegas showgirls! But – like Juli said – we would do anything for our Tina. I think she’ll make a great mom and role model for you honey – that is, should you decide to continue as a girl.”

“I don’t know, Nana, this is very intriguing. Madame Jae is right – Mom has loved being a girl and we know she loves guys. I’m going to play along, see how I feel about being romanced by some guy.”

“I think it’s great for you to try it for yourself. You’re so young, your whole life to decide who you are and what you want to be”

“Don’t shortchange yourself, Lucy,” Loretta said. “We have had men older than you come into our shop and walk out looking incredible – and having a lot of fun with men of all ages. I think you have in you to be quite the dark-haired cougar!”

Both Lucy and Juli giggled at the thought of the Genovese matriarch prowling for male company.

Loretta added, “In the meantime, girls, let’s have a little more fun trying on some dresses for the party.” Giddily, the new girls eagerly slipped on a number of sexy slinky party dresses. Madame Jae and Loretta smiled at how quickly both of them developed very female personas. Like grandmother, like granddaughter – like Tina!


Tina Genovese had just recovered from the shock of seeing her father and her son acting and dressing as sexy women long enough to show them the glittering diamond engagement ring on her finger. She of course was ecstatic at their gift of becoming Lucy and Juli for a little while. But watching her fiancé Mike greet his “mother in law” and “step daughter” and seeing his eagerness to be welcomed home, made her pause, in a fit of mock jealousy.

“Just to remind you hussies –that’s MY man over there. Go get your own.”

“Nana, when we hugged and kissed Mike, did you notice umm – how EXCITED he was to see us, in our new clothes?” teased Juli.

Lucy quipped, “Was that a roll of quarters in his pocket, or was he…”

Tina held her hands up to stop her new mother from finishing the joke. “Ladies – be careful what you ask for – you just may get it – over and over and over again.”

All three Genovese girls laughed hysterically and in a loving hug.

Loretta looked at her boss and smiled, “Wow, I am so proud of what we have done here. They are so beautiful. I can’t wait to see them in the arms of their escorts. And our dear Tina now has the family of her dreams!”

Madame Jae, looked at her associate, smiled and said simply, “Beautiful women are born – not made.”

“That is our creed,” Loretta agreed. For Lucy, Tina, and Juli – they were beautiful women; mothers and daughters – and they were born again.

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