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Madame Jae's Presents - Belle donne italiane (pt 1)

Belle donne italiane

“Beautiful women are born, not made…”

Madame Jae

Concept and story by Annabelle Raven

All rights to photographs per their copyright holders.

Italia – the birthplace of the Renaissance, the Ferrari, Tortellini, and the films of Fellini.

Where the men are God’s gift to women, and the women are goddesses demanding your worship and devotion.

Tatiana Celeste Genovese - “Tina” to her many admirers, understands this concept better than most people. She knows what it’s like to a belle donne italiane – the kind of dark beauty men went to be seen with in public, as well as to possess and pleasure in private. You would kill for a smile from her, capice?

Of course, Tina is different from most women – in that she has only being acting feminine and pretty for a short time. Tommaso Carmelo “Tommy” Genovese is – or was – a handsome man, a dutiful son, a proud father, and a brave and heroic member of the City Police, serving in the Vice Squad as a Lieutenant.

Years of undercover work introduced Tommy to Madame Jae’s Salon – who in turn introduced him to his other self – Tina. Tina took advantage of the supposed “Genovese curse”; the men in her family were always short and thin. As macho Italian guys, this was often a taunt heard at the bocce courts and in the streets. But Tina looked a lot more authentic as a sexy call girl or barmaid that the average cop working on stings. And Tina seemed to have an on/off switch that let the tough guy cop transform into a sexy, sassy and fun chick.

But being Tina was more than a job for Tommy – it was an escape into a world. Soon Tommy started frequenting the salon in his off hours, and Tina bonded with a new world of “girlfriends” who went shopping with the developing diva, building a wardrobe that would put his bitch ex-wife to shame. Tina also learned the art, the craft, the delight and the power a sexy woman has on men. Before long, Tina had smiled at countless guidos, accepted a thousand cocktails, dancing with many a grabby drunk, and allowed a select number of studly men to take her to bed. Some guys got off on the fact that she had a thick cock in her panties – while some were blissfully unaware that the shapely brunette sucking their salsiccia had one of her own hard in her panties.

As a younger man, Tommy Genovese never once gave anyone the appearance of anything but a man’s man. He felt that he was as straight as the next guy, having lost. his (male) virginity at age 16. Despite his small stature, he always saw him self as the rough and ready goomba, and straighter than straight.

But it was several of his cohorts in Vice – many of whom had been awakened to the girl inside them through the magic of Madame Jae’s – had helped bring Tina out of her shell, and out she came in a big way. Tommy would rather die than even look at another man’s penis, but Tina became addicted to the taste of one in her mouth, or the wonderful feeling of have a man’s cock throbbing in her asshole. Either way, Tommy/Tina saw him/herself as totally straight – depending on how he/she was dressed determined which opposite gender got him or her aroused.

While Tina loved the sex and the clothes, she came to look at her “girlfriends” – not only those “girls” who were Vice cops and others in town who patronized the salon – as her sisters. She looked admiringly at some of the new friends that she made while out en femme – and a few of them would bring new cross-dressers out with them. Usually it was a girl’s co-worker or online buddy, but once in a while, it would be a relative of the girl – a couple of times girls introduced their “daughters” or “nieces” – and it was apparent that the son or brother or other young male was going through the process of joyfully bonding with the older gal.

Tina sometimes had some bittersweet dreams. In one she dreamed of being a little girl shopping for a confirmation dress with her mom. In others, she WAS the proud mother watching her daughter trying on dresses. She often woke up sobbing.

Tommy’s birth mother Angela had died ten years ago of cervical cancer. Angie’s death hit the entire family hard, especially Tommy’s dad Lorenzo Marino (Lou) Genovese.

Lou was also a cop like Tommy, but he had retired last year after 30 plus years walking the beat. Lou was proud of Tommy having followed in his footsteps, but he had mixed feelings about his only boy working on the Vice Squad. Lou felt that not only was Tommy putting himself in great danger, he knew that male Vice cops often dressed in drag to help catch the perpetrators. Like Tommy, Lou was short and thin and got a lot of hell from the boys for it, so he made sure that nobody accused any of the Genoveses of being fruity or anything less than men.

Lou loved his Angie like no man ever loved any woman. She played the role of mother and father to both Tommy and his younger sisters Gloria and Clara while Lou was out serving the public. Both of Tommy’s sisters had long since married and moved to the West Coast; due to time constraints and their new families, they rarely made it back east to see the family. The last time was for Angie’s funeral – which was painful enough, but it was made much worse by Gloria and Clara’s wining and bitching about who was going to take care of dad and who was going to inherit what. Worse, Tommy’s wife at the time, Donna, got drunk and hauled off Gloria, and a permanent rift developed between Lou, Tommy and their daughters/sisters. They have not spoken since. Speaking of Donna, Tommy later divorced her after she cheated on him for the second time in three years. She was vain and shrill, and belittled both Tommy and their son.

John Salvatore Genovese was now a senior in high school, and he admired both his dad and “Pops” highly. He was very bright bit a little on the shy side. He, like Tommy and Lou, had the dreaded “Genovese” curse. He was quite handsome, almost pretty, with bright brown eyes.

Tommy was very proud of Johnny for being a good boy and for being strong in the face of his mother’s indiscretions and her behavior. Tommy’s whole world was his son – his father – and his life as the beautiful Tina Genovese.

Tommy wished dearly to introduce Lou and Johnny to Tina, but he wasn’t sure how he could do so without damaging the relationships he had with both. All of his gal pals at Madame Jae’s which he had confided into had encouraged him to be honest and open with his family. But naturally, Tina was afraid of Lou’s hard attitude and of losing respect in Johnny’s eyes. Tina was unsure of the next step.

In a very ironic way, the next step was not her choice. Working a sting operation as a prostitute on the South Side, Tina ended up in serious condition after a coked-up john stabbed her, once in the abdomen and once in the shoulder. Fortunately, no vital organs were damaged, but there was plenty of blood loss, and a stay of a week in Intensive Care, followed by weeks of therapy and various surgeries. The police career of Lieutenant Tommaso C. Genovese was over; Tommy faced mandatory retirement and a very healthy retirement and disability pension. But would “Tina” survive the attack?

Lou and Johnny rushed to the hospital as soon as they heard of the attack and at one of them stayed at Tommy’s bedside for almost the entire time. Because the first responders found Tommy in his “working clothes”, they couldn’t help but notice the delicate makeup touches on Tina’s face – soft grey mascara, and ruby red lipstick. They also noticed that her body looked very feminine. Over time, her body had gotten used to wearing bras, girdles, and corsets. Tina’s curves looked very natural, and shocked her family.

As Tina recovered, she eventually came home, and Lou moved in to assist with therapy. But first, the three of them sat down for a long talk about Tammy’s coming out as a trans-woman.

“Tommy, all of that time in Vice, it screwed with your mind, son. You look and even sound like a girl. I’ll call my barber Vinnie and have him come in cut your hair…”

“No Pop. I’m… I’m Tina now. Now that my police career is over, I’m not going to deny myself who I am and what I am going to be. Lying there in a pool of my blood, I realized that you only get one shot at living your life, and maybe I got that rare chance to live the life I want. It’s more than the fact that I have a womanly body (as she speaks, Tina pulls off her top, exposing her beautiful tits) or the ‘Genovese curse’. I have been dressing as a woman for years now, I have girlfriends who treat Tina like a sister… and I have had a wonderful time being wined and dined and swept off my feet by handsome, well endowed men. I love the thrill of being having a strong bull under me and inside me. I don’t know if you can understand,” as she begins to sob, “I love you both so very much. I never want to ever ever hurt you.”

“Dad,” Johnny asked as his hugged Tina, “Are you gay?”

“Honey, there’s nothing wrong with being gay,” Tina sighed. “That being said, in my mind, I’m as straight as you. The things is, I see myself as a woman, and I see myself now as being not your father, but your mother. God knows, that bitch Donna has totally blown it, and I know I can be a mom that you can love and respect.”

“What about… I mean are you going to just… cut…” Lou pointed to his new daughter’s crotch, unable to describe her male organ and it’s fate.

“Right now, I’m leaning towards keeping my penis, Pop. Most of the guys I have been really enjoyed being with a T-girl… a woman with a cock. I like to think of it as a really big clitoris,” Tina giggled. “I know this must make you think that I’m not serious about be a woman if I don’t get it removed, but this is 2010, and if a girl wants to keep her cock, then that’s her business. I am going to go through with some more plastic surgery – removing the Adam’s apple, a face lift, and of course, to get ride of these hideous scars. I’m ready to be your loving daughter – if you’ll accept me, Pop.”

Lou hugged Tina and said through some sniffles, “Just don’t turn into a ungrateful bitch like your long lost sisters. After your mother left us, they have had no interest in being civil or in being part of this family. God, you look so much like Angie, Tommy.”

“I miss Nana too Pops,” an emotional Johnny whispered as he joined the embrace. “And we have to remember Pops, that this is Miss Tina Genovese – your daughter – and my mom – and the sexiest fucking lady in this town!”

“Hey, watch your mouth – there’s a lady present – and you’re looking at her!” Tina said as everyone laughed and hugged some more. “In fact, as my first official act as Lou’s daughter and Johnny’s mom is to go into the kitchen. We’re having ziti and salad and the best bruschetta you ever had. After all, now that I’m a real Italian girl, I need to make sure my boys don’t go hungry– capiche? Don’t forget the vino!”

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