Saturday, January 30, 2010

E-Book Reviews: More from Sandy Thomas

First, big thanks to Sandy Thomas for making a large portion of her published works available for download purchasing, similar to what Reluctant Press has done for several years. Prior to this, you either had to buy them through her E-bay store, or schlep downtown to the naughty mags and toy store. With online ordering and E-books, you can enjoy your "pursuit" in a less seemly manner. :)

In the last year, I think I have purchased about 25 books through Sandy's site. Now because I have very short descriptions, I had to guess as to which books have characters related to one another. My purchase of Husband to Sissy/Sister/Seductress was a natural choice (based on the tagline Father and son share a fate in panties and lingerie.) What I really got hooked by this storyline was that the parent and child remained parent and child through their gender change.
Father became mother, and son became daughter – even though the protagonists ex-wife/biological mom was still in the story. It’s as if I wrote it (but I’m not that good!)

The Husband to… storyline was credited to Puyal, Alice Trail, and Kristi Love. Puyal is Juan Puyal, a Spanish cartoonist who has contributed to many genres of adult entertainment. I’m guessing Alice and Kristi are noms de plume for the actual authors, who have contributed to various other ST works, including several more with family themes. Here’s a sampling

ANNIE’S STANDING DISCLAIMER: All images posted are the rights of the copyright holders and those who rightfully are selling their wares. Consider this free advertising from a satisfied customer :)


Written by Kristi Love & Susan Henkin with a little help from Alice Trail

Illustrations by Puyal

BORN TO BE A BRIDE-Some guys will do anything for a buck...Bill even agrees to act as a wife! BORN TO BE A DAUGHTER-What would you do for money? Bill becomes a bride and makes his son, Ted become a daughter for a rich man that needs a "family!"


Written by Alice Trail & Kristi Love - Illustrations by Puyal

PINK SLIPS I-No man wants to get a pink slip at work from his boss. These guys get them with LACE! PINK SLIPS II-After getting pink slips from their boss...the guys get used to wearing dresses...and panties and heels!

There are many many more wonderful novelettes that have been credited to some combo of Alice, Kristi, and other contributors and to be sure, Puyal is an amazing animator that segues well with the ST heroines. But these four stories are all about the adventures of a father and son with new feminine looks, challenges, and love. Please visit Sandy’s online store today and buy in mass quantities!

Next time - hopefully with less of wait then last time, I'll highlight some selections from Reluctant Press. :)

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