Friday, January 8, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Goodbye, Gangsta!

Yo – check this out. Back in the day, there was no rapper laying it down quite like Big Bull-E (born Ernest Jones). E’s career took off in the late 80s and he rhymed his way from the streets of Brooklyn to MTV Raps and the whole East Coast scene. This MC was balling, yo.

As the 90s started, he began trotting out his baby boy Jeremiah (aka Baby Powda) who would join his Daddy on stage throwing down gang signs and posing in B-Boy gear ; together, they appeared on the cover of Ebony and Jet and even rapped together on Arsenio.

But get this, flash forward almost 2 decades later, and neither E nor Powda can be found. With good reason – you see after a while, E realized that the life of a hip-hop superstar was not the real him – or her. Believe it or not, this macho and tough rapper had been secretly cross-dressing since he was a slender seven year old raiding his sisters panty drawer.

And young Powda idolized his parent, so when Jeremiah first snuck in and saw Ernest transform himself into the luscious Evelyn, the precocious boy immediately grabbed an extra wig and declared “herself” as the princess Jasmine.

Evelyn knew the apple didn’t fall far from the tree – both father and son felt wrong as men, and acted outlandishly to show the world that they were “gangsta” but it wasn’t them. E eventually bought a nice suburban rancher in SoCal where Evelyn & Jasmine could dress and pose as a cute black mother and daughter.

They stopped “keeping it real” and found bliss in simply going to church, shopping for the latest fashions, and eventually changing their bodies to live this new life full time; Evelyn sold the mansions and the Rolls Royces and has invested wisely enough to always live in peace and harmony with her baby girl Jasmine – and her fiancé, Dr. Lamont Wilkins, and eventually Jasmine’s boyfriend Henry Stone.

Neither Lamont nor Henry know that these sweet honeys with the gorgeous figures and seductive kisses had a secret prior life as a gangsta rapper and his son!

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