Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Annie's Caps - Little Red Apples

“Look, boys, I can’t expect you to understand the way I feel,” Evan tried to explain as he deftly applied his mascara. “Even though I am so proud to be your parent, the woman inside means that I will no longer be your father, or a man. In fact, now that my surgery is complete, I can be Elyse, and I can now

marry our neighbor George. Kenny, Rich, I hope you can understand the way I feel now that…"

Elyse’s jaw dropped, at the sight of her two sons, now both with long hair, makeup, and wearing two pretty red dresses.

“Surprise, Mom! We felt bad that no one else from our family wanted to come, and you needed some bridesmaids,” Karenna gleefully explained.

“I guess I now kind of understand the way you feel… I like how the ladies at the salon worked so hard to make us look good, but not as pretty as you do,” her younger ‘sister’ Rachael, added wistfully.

“Well I guess the little red apples didn’t fall too far from the trees,” Elyse grinned as she embraced her new daughters. “If you enjoyed becoming pretty, wait until George’s sons ask you to dance at the reception.”

Both Karenna and Rachael blushed at the thought of being held by a teen hunk!

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