Thursday, November 26, 2009

Annie's Caps - Rich Famous & Guys?

Peter, 16, was tired of being little, being ignored and of being poor. So thanks to a strange spell he found in an old tome at the college library, he magically became a slinky coed named Phoebe. Excitedly, he told his father Glen, 40, and brother Ryan 18, and convinced them to chant the spell as well.

Now Phoebe was gloating at their sudden good fortune.

“Oooh, I told you that there was only good things in our future by becoming mother and daughters. Now we’re so rich, right guys?”

But Phoebe, both Gina and Rebecca are having some juicy thoughts about what it would be like to seduce one of their new admirers. The heck with the fame and fortune, right?

and famous, we get driven around in limos, have great clothes, and guys attracted to us. Well, that’s still weird but worth it for all of this money and celebrity,

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