Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ANNIE'S CAPS - Terms of Reconciliation

At age 16, Chad Rhodes , tired of the verbal abuse his grandfather Ron (58), ran away from home. His departure terrified his kid brother Mark (13), who also was subject to ex-Navy SEAL Ron’s belittling their toughness and smarts.

Law enforcement was unable to locate the tall & thin young man. This was because Chad made his way to Sin City where with the help of a number of lifelong drag queens helped Chad create the new femme impersonator, Christy Amore.

Thanks to some black market hormones and the teachings of mentors Carlotta and De Luna, Christy had no shortage of male admirers, and eventually found a wealthy man to love.

Five years after his leaving, Christy reached out to Mark who was also wanting to leave Ron but had no money or friends to assist. Christy’s doctor boyfriend was able get a nice apartment for her to share with her – as far as the doc knew – SISTER.

Soon Christy’s knowledge of makeup and styling helped bring out Maggie. Soon Christy accepted her beau’s engagement ring – but what of their bitter old granddad? He had turned to the bottle, and hit rock bottom. Christy and Maggie agreed – rather than see him die, they’d reach out to him – but under there terms!

At first, Ron’s pride kept him from accepting his lovely granddaughters, but these blondes were very persuasive – and thus, the bride and her maid of honor introduced the pastor to their sweet Grandmother Renee. Free of the demons of alcoholism and with a charming preacher courting her, Renee finally made peace with her own life, as well as her precious Christy and Maggie.

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