Thursday, October 1, 2009

ANNIE'S CAPS - Fememergency

“I still say that’s too much leg you are showing off there, Ricky.”

“It’s Rachel – MOM – you better start calling us by our girl names.”

“Well I still think of myself as Cal Wallace, auto body show owner and single dad – despite what they did to us at Madame Jae’s!”

“But now you’re Cynthia Wallace, and speaking of body work – a lot of people now notice your big boobs and cute butt (giggle)”

“Not funny, young man – lady – whatever – and I can’t believe that you traded in your NASCAR t-shirt and jeans for a short dress!”

“I’m a cute girl – all three of us are – I just wish you’d accept that Dad, so that we can enjoy our new lives now.”

It’s still too much to me. Excuse me, George, who are you talking to on the phone.”

“HI, Madame Jae’s – it’s me, Gina Wallace. Oh thank you, yes, my brother – I mean my sister and I are enjoying being pretty and we’ve even planned our first double date. But it’s my dad – who is resisting being our mom – that’s the trouble. Yes, she’s still wearing her wife beater’s T shirt. Yea that Hells Angels tattoo is still on her arm and it really doesn’t look very feminine.”

“Hey I love my tattoo… it let’s everyone know how I can kick their ass with one hand tied behind their back. I ain’t no sissy.”

“Oh, you’re sending out the Makeover Emergency Response van? Awesome! We’re just outside the mall. Cool! So she’ll be cooing about shoes and dreaming about a husband by the end of the night? Awww you gals are the best! Good news sis – help is on the way!”

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