Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ANNIE'S CAPS - Buddies to Babes!




LUCY: So Ryan, you’re and your Dad are not upset that both my Dad and I are now living as females?

RYAN: No way, Leo – I think it’s amazing how you and Mr. Gary have really transformed yourselves! And if you’re happier now as mom and daughter, that’s even better!

LUCY: Oh we are, we love how close we are now! (sigh)

RYAN: And you both look so hot! Lucy - do you want to go with me to the junior prom – as my date?

LUCY: Oh yes, yes I would – but what will your dad say about this?

DON: I’m OK with my son taking his now gorgeous best friend to experience the romantic night of their lives – but I think a little adult supervision would be wise. That is, Lucy, if I can convince your beautiful new mom to agree to join me as co-chaperone.

GRETA: I agree about the kids needing someone to watch over them. But who will watch over us parents? I mean, I have always wanted to be wearing a sexy evening gown dancing with my boyhood best friend! (giggle)

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