Sunday, October 25, 2009

F/T celebrates "Femme-O-Ween"

F/T Femme-O-Ween

“Michael! The costume shop sent us the wrong stuff! Look at all this girly stuff,” lamented Mike’s dad, burly plumbing contractor Frankie.

“It’s no mistake, Dad. These costumes are kinda magical. Look at what it’s done to me. You can now call me Princess Melody!”

Frank’s eyes nearly fell out of his head. His flesh and blood, a strapping young man, now looked like a teenage fantasy in chiffon and stockings.

“There’s no way any dress can make me look like anything but a damm fool,” Frank muttered.

But an hour later, “Queen” Felicia made her royal debut. And two hours later, the men at the party pushed each other out the way to court the now very busty blond with the low cut blue gown. The pink princess was also the center of lots of male attention.

“Looks like ‘Mom’ and I will need to go shopping now – we need some practical dresses and shoes, and for sure, we’ll need a few bras!”

As a child, Mark Gold’s parents attended the Renaissance Faire annually, but not only did they not let him accompany them, they never showed him any pictures or film. But Mark’s mom died suddenly when he was 16, and his dad Anthony finally clued in Mark on why they were so secretive.

“The Faire allowed my other self come out, son. My other self is Annemarie, a saucy tavern wench. For years, Lisa and I enjoyed ourselves as sisters, instead of husband and wife. Now that it’s just you and me, I’d like to take you to the Faire, and this means I would help you dress and pass as a pretty teenage girl, and teach you how to flirt with cute guys in tights and have fun as a female. What do you say, honey?”

“Wow! You must know that sometimes I secretly dressed up in Mom’s clothes, Dad. I would love to introduce you my other self, Mandy. It’ll be so great to have a mommy again!”

Tears welled up in both their eyes and they hugged each other, promising each other that as mother and daughter, they would always share a bond. That Halloween weekend, Annemarie and Mandy broke a thousand hearts at the Faire.

John Jennings and his son John Jr. were both happy cross-dressing and had won costume contests for years, but this year they dropped a bombshell on their family and friends.

“Now that Junior is 17, he wanted to ‘grow up’ a little bit with his selection choices. I decided that we should spend a little extra time en femme to make our portrayals of Jane and Judy Jetson the very best we could. We spent quite a bit of time treating each other as mother and daughter, and we loved every minute, so going forth, we will be women full time, not just for this party. We’re both undergoing hormonal treatment and I have paid for some select plastic surgery. Judy Jennings has her first date next week!”

“And Mom doesn’t know it yet, but I found the perfect guy for her. I’d love it if he became my future stepdad. That would be so super cool.. I mean it would be so super-space-a-roony!” Jane Jennings ’s new daughter giggled

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ANNIE'S CAPS - Motivational Poster

ANNIE'S CAPS - Buddies to Babes!




LUCY: So Ryan, you’re and your Dad are not upset that both my Dad and I are now living as females?

RYAN: No way, Leo – I think it’s amazing how you and Mr. Gary have really transformed yourselves! And if you’re happier now as mom and daughter, that’s even better!

LUCY: Oh we are, we love how close we are now! (sigh)

RYAN: And you both look so hot! Lucy - do you want to go with me to the junior prom – as my date?

LUCY: Oh yes, yes I would – but what will your dad say about this?

DON: I’m OK with my son taking his now gorgeous best friend to experience the romantic night of their lives – but I think a little adult supervision would be wise. That is, Lucy, if I can convince your beautiful new mom to agree to join me as co-chaperone.

GRETA: I agree about the kids needing someone to watch over them. But who will watch over us parents? I mean, I have always wanted to be wearing a sexy evening gown dancing with my boyhood best friend! (giggle)

ANNIE'S CAPS - Terms of Reconciliation

At age 16, Chad Rhodes , tired of the verbal abuse his grandfather Ron (58), ran away from home. His departure terrified his kid brother Mark (13), who also was subject to ex-Navy SEAL Ron’s belittling their toughness and smarts.

Law enforcement was unable to locate the tall & thin young man. This was because Chad made his way to Sin City where with the help of a number of lifelong drag queens helped Chad create the new femme impersonator, Christy Amore.

Thanks to some black market hormones and the teachings of mentors Carlotta and De Luna, Christy had no shortage of male admirers, and eventually found a wealthy man to love.

Five years after his leaving, Christy reached out to Mark who was also wanting to leave Ron but had no money or friends to assist. Christy’s doctor boyfriend was able get a nice apartment for her to share with her – as far as the doc knew – SISTER.

Soon Christy’s knowledge of makeup and styling helped bring out Maggie. Soon Christy accepted her beau’s engagement ring – but what of their bitter old granddad? He had turned to the bottle, and hit rock bottom. Christy and Maggie agreed – rather than see him die, they’d reach out to him – but under there terms!

At first, Ron’s pride kept him from accepting his lovely granddaughters, but these blondes were very persuasive – and thus, the bride and her maid of honor introduced the pastor to their sweet Grandmother Renee. Free of the demons of alcoholism and with a charming preacher courting her, Renee finally made peace with her own life, as well as her precious Christy and Maggie.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

ANNIE'S CAPS - Fememergency

“I still say that’s too much leg you are showing off there, Ricky.”

“It’s Rachel – MOM – you better start calling us by our girl names.”

“Well I still think of myself as Cal Wallace, auto body show owner and single dad – despite what they did to us at Madame Jae’s!”

“But now you’re Cynthia Wallace, and speaking of body work – a lot of people now notice your big boobs and cute butt (giggle)”

“Not funny, young man – lady – whatever – and I can’t believe that you traded in your NASCAR t-shirt and jeans for a short dress!”

“I’m a cute girl – all three of us are – I just wish you’d accept that Dad, so that we can enjoy our new lives now.”

It’s still too much to me. Excuse me, George, who are you talking to on the phone.”

“HI, Madame Jae’s – it’s me, Gina Wallace. Oh thank you, yes, my brother – I mean my sister and I are enjoying being pretty and we’ve even planned our first double date. But it’s my dad – who is resisting being our mom – that’s the trouble. Yes, she’s still wearing her wife beater’s T shirt. Yea that Hells Angels tattoo is still on her arm and it really doesn’t look very feminine.”

“Hey I love my tattoo… it let’s everyone know how I can kick their ass with one hand tied behind their back. I ain’t no sissy.”

“Oh, you’re sending out the Makeover Emergency Response van? Awesome! We’re just outside the mall. Cool! So she’ll be cooing about shoes and dreaming about a husband by the end of the night? Awww you gals are the best! Good news sis – help is on the way!”