Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Caption Story: The Fab 4


Two college roommates and their sons were the closest of friends. What would it take for them to reunite … and live happily ever after?

Derrick Neely and Brian Hanson were neighbors in the suburban East who sons respective sons Jeremy and Adam (each about 8 at the time) were schoolmates and Little League teammates. The dads helped coach, and they in turn became fasts friends. Each was a single dad – Derrick by divorce, while Brian was widowed - and the foursome as a group began to go to sporting events and even vacation together. Derrick had coined the phrase “Fab 4” for the group. They seemed inseparable. The boys even called each other’s dads Uncle D and Uncle B.

That is, until seven years later, Derrick was transferred by his company to California. Money was tight so Derrick knew that not only did he have to take the job for his and Jeremy’s sake, but that it may be some time before the “Fab 4”would be reunited. “Call us when you make your first million,” Brian joked, “and Adam and I will move in with you.”

About eighteen months later, 16 year old Adam was checking his email (he and Jeremy had stayed in constant contact) when he got a message from Adam. The title of the email was “Hey Cutie,” which was way out of character for Adam. There was no text, but an photo attached (Ashleigh-Danica1.jpg) seemed to match the email title. In the foreground was a extremely attractive teen girl wearing a skimpy black bikini. In the background was a another attractive girl – rather, woman, she seemed a bit older. Both had dark brown hair, lithe figures, and icebreaking smiles.

Jeremy forgot about the “sissy” email title because he couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful girl in the foreground – heck, both girls were quite sexy. Maybe they were sisters? Adam did notice that Jeremy sent the same email to Brian and carbon copied Derrick. “Man, if this is the kind of talent that Adam has access to in Cali, I need to convince Dad to talk to Uncle D about a job out there!”

“Hey Dad,” Jeremy asked Brian at the dinner table, “did you see the email that Adam sent you and me, with the two smoking hot babes in black bikinis?”

“Oh I definitely saw that, son,” Brian chuckled to himself. “I’m sure you liked the younger girl in your email – that’s Ashleigh. Very cute – and then Derrick sent me a separate email – take a look.” Brian had printed off a second picture with the older girl now in the foreground. “That’s Ashleigh’s mom Danica, if you can believe it.

“No way! Wow, I thought she might be Ashleigh’s sister,” Jeremy gasped in amazement. “I guess Demi Moore isn’t the only sexy cougars running wild on the streets of Hollywood – or the beaches of Malibu! Is Uncle D dating her?”

Brian shook his head. “Well I got an email which explained who was who, and I thought that for once, Derrick had finally gotten off his ass and gotten back in the dating scene, but he said that he and Adam have been hanging out with these two – and get this – he said that they and these ladies having been hanging out – going to the beach, camping – everything we liked to do when they were back east!”as Jeremy grimaced. “So I guess they all have become the new Fab 4? I can’t believe Adam just wants to be buddies with this chick and her mom! I mean, Dad, I can’t stop looking at these two babes – God, what I would do to get some…”

“Slow down, horndog,” Brian said with a reassuring pat on his son’s back. “Let me share with you the rest of Derrick’s message. Turns out that they met these ladies after Derrick got promoted to a new division at his company. He’s now a vice president in charge of sales or something. Big raise – six digits, and last month, he settled on a new house in Santa Barbara. And I guess with a new house comes new friends – he even hired Danica to join his company, working right underneath him.” Brian paused as he thought his last sentence, and chuckled again. “I wish she was under me – sorry son, I guess horniness runs in our family.”

“Yea, it’s been too long between dates for both of us,” snickered his son. “So those guys now have money, a sweet crib, a pool to party and some sexy California girls to party with? How soon can we go? Like tomorrow?”

“How about next Friday? Derrick said it would be great for the four of us to be together again, and the last thing that he included in the email – E-tickets for the two of us. Of course, we can stay at their house.”

“Wow! This is a dream come true! Where’s the hidden camera, Dad?”

“I know the feeling – and there’s one more thing – your ‘uncle’ wants to talk to me about a job in his company – so maybe this won’t be a vacation..”

“We might be moving to SoCal – with Adam, Uncle D, and the bikini babes?”

“Maybe. Just in case, let’s not give our winter coats to Goodwill just yet. It’s a big decision but maybe we can be together again – maybe the Super 6?”

“Dad, if I get a chance to go out with Ashleigh, Adam is going to need to find another smoking-hot honey to be his ‘buddy’,” Jeremy sneered.

“And I may be right behind you with her mom,” Brian smiled.

That night, neitehr father nor son could sleep much – excited over the prospect of moving to Paradise – and the chance to see Danica and Ashleigh in person. Each male sought relief for their arousal, doing so around 2:30AM.

Finally, the Hansons took off for LAX, arriving on time. Brian received a text message from Derrick – SRY STUCK @ WORK – U WILL BE PICKED UP BY MY WELC CMTE. “Welcoming committee?” Brian mused. “You don’t think that…”

“Holy shit,” Jeremy, whispered. “Dad – it’s them!” Brian didn’t even have to turn to know that in place of his best friend and surrogate “nephew” were their new play friends. Two stylish brunettes, one a teen, the other being 37 but looking 27, holding balloons and a sign “We ©FAB 4!

“Hi Brian, I’m Danica Newsome! Welcome to California!” Danica embraced the older man, which only made him more self conscious of the reignited presence in his drawers. “Derrick showed me your pictures from last year but I must say – they don’t do you justice,” she said while biting her lip and flicking away a stray hair. “And the same goes for you, Jeremy – wouldn’t you agree, baby girl?” she asked Ashleigh.

With a chirp California accent, the young lady bear hugged the befuddled/highly aroused teen boy. “Oh… my.. God… you’re BOTH aborable! Good enough to eat!” Ashleigh then kissed Brian; “Hi Uncle B! I hope you don’t mind me calling you that!”

Danica noticed the teen peering at her and her daughter through the girls' bedroom windows. “Come on down and bring your dad too.”

“But we can’t find our swimsuits…. and I don’t know which room is Uncle D and Adam’s,” replied a confused Jeremy.

“Don’t worry, we can explain. We made some tea, it’s in the kitchen, and you get to us through the patio,” Ashleigh reassured him.

Still confused, Jeremy straggled out, followed by his father. “I don’t understand; I think we found your rooms, but not the guys,” explained Brian as they sat down next to the bathing beauties.

Danica smiled and exhaled, “Buddy, you’re not going to believe this; we had to bring you all the way to LA to show you in person – it’s incredible.”

“I hope you’re not too upset, Uncle B,” Ashleigh giggled sheepishly.

“Uncle B –so you learned that from…. Adam…” Brian paused as he wagged his finger at the pretty petite brunette. The realization kicked in.


“Dad why are you calling them Adam and Uncle… D?” Now Jeremy understood.

“Better make that Aunt D, sport. Sorry for the deception guys,” Danica said softly and lovingly.

Over the next hour, Danica and Ashleigh revealed their emergence into femininity. Darryl’s employer was expanding sales of its swimwear into the women’s fashion marketplace. Nobody in the company was a better salesperson than Darryl, but his female boss felt a woman would be a better product champion.

In a closed door meeting, the president met Darryl and his son and revealed to them that she was in fact a former Wall Street broker and male chauvinist who had been transformed into a woman by a warlock. She had embraced her womanly life and body so much that she waned to share the “gift” with the right person – or persons.”

“She had great respect for me as an employee, but she had even greater respect for me as a single parent. But she knew from experience that young men reject their fathers, not always out of spite, but because of need. Think about it Brian, Jeremy- when we left you seven years ago, it was heartbreaking, but as a father I felt I had to do it to provide for my son. But women act and think differently – we stay together, and our bonds survive all hardship and distance. Now I am a mother, and have the most wonderful daughter you can imagine. Our lives are open books to each other. And we will never, never ever be broken apart.”

Both girls teared up as Danica spoke, and Ashleigh hugged her mother. The scene even moved the men to hold back the waterworks.

“Was it worth giving up your manhood – both of you?” Brian asked, his brain still grasping to comprehend this amazing tale. Ashleigh looked knowingly at Danica, and they both nodded with evil grins.

“You know I was a man’s man, Brian… and Adam was a chip off the old black when it came to sports and stuff… but now we love to shop together, cook together, and we both enjoy making ourselves pretty and sexy for a man. We love men. Isn’t that right, baby girl?”

Ashleigh’s grin nearly made Adam… and Brian… make a mess in their boxers.

“The real reason we wanted you to come to visit was to share in our gift. My boss has authorized me to offer a position as a senior executive with my women’s swimwear division to a capable, motivated, charismatic, woman in her 30s, who can balance managing corporate accounts, raising a lovely teenage daughter, and still find time to be a beautiful and sexy woman. But before I make the formal offer… I would very much like to have Brian’s college roommate, godfather to my child, and best friend on this planet to take me upstairs and fuck my brains out. Don’t worry about the kids… I’m sure Ashleigh and Jeremy can spend some time in the hot tub “catching up.”

Brian looked at his son. Both were shell-shocked from the revelations – but they happily paired off with their transformed best friends. But their true destiny would be fulfilled the next day when Danica’s boss Lana cast her spell on Brian and Adam.

EPILOGUE: Barbara Hawthorne loved her new life as a woman. Her new position with Belle Fashions was extremely rewarding, and a lot of fun. The fun was mostly a result of her best girlfriend, Danica, who enjoyed showing Barbara all of the joys of being a beautiful woman in Southern California. They worked hard, shopped hard, and partied hard. They looked incredible and men found the twosome irresistible.

“It’s more fun this way,” Danica had told Barbara, and that pretty much covered any activity . As far as the female sexual experience, her new boss Lana preached the following mantra, “You get it when you want it, from who you want it, and for how long. That’s the power of being a desirable woman, Barbara.”

But as much as Barbara reveled in longer orgasms and controlling men, she celebrated her new role as loving mother. Juliana Hawthorne was an ideal young woman. Highly motivated, her success at school was only matched by her social reputation as the most desirable girl at Ravenswood Girl’s Academy – well, she shared that role with BFF Ashleigh. Their adventures with the now-opposite sex nearly matched their mothers’ exploits.

But what made Barbara and Juliana happiest was their stronger bond – both as mom & daughter, but also with their best friends & true soul mates. Now they all had skimpy bikinis, buff bodies, and buff men at their beck and call.

The Fab Four has been reborn, and they will always be together….

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Cyrus said...

While the overall story is good, as are the pictures, I can't help feeling that the execution was... well, rushed. There is a number of annoying mistakes, particularly regarding the character names (Derrick is suddenly called "Darryl", for instance; Jeremy is called "Adam" once; Danica refers to Brian as "Brian's roommate"; and the first sentence implied that Adam was Brian's son...). Also, the time since the Neely's move is mentioned as "seven years", which seems inconsistent with the rest of the story.
Finally, two issues of pacing: there seems to be a chunk of story missing between page 4 and 5. And, well, the Hansons' transformation could have been fleshed out more (with them wavering between dating their old friends and becoming like them).