Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Annie's Caps: Tan Lines

Michael Reed never thought he’d be so happy. At age 14, he was so thin and frail, he knew his chance at happiness as a male was slim and none. He tried so hard to please his Dad by becoming a good athlete and a fine young man, but it was obvious to both Michael and to his dad John Reed that the boy consider a new path in his life – the life of a beautiful young girl.

Consulting with doctors and therapists, John devoted his energy to creating a new life for Michael- as Mindy. However, because of the backwards county they lived in, it was suggested that they wait until moving to the West Coast before Mindy “debuted”. So for 2 months before school let out, Michael was forced to be a boy in school, waiting until getting home to “test drive” by styling his long blonde hair or practice with makeup.

In May, John let Mike order a new wardrobe online but it was agony for Mindy not to go to school in girlish skirts and heels. Mike also noticed that John also ordered some stuff that would need for their new desert condo – must be pots and pans and linens and stuff.

Finally, in June, they made the trip out west, and Mindy was unofficially born 30 miles on the road.

When they got to their new home, Mindy couldn’t wait to try out her new bikini and experience her first “tan line.” Mindy seemed like any other preteen cutie who caught the eye of the local boys. She smiled and chatting with them, already confident in her role as a flirty girl.

After a few hours, she was ready to leave the pool and make dinner for Dad when she was approached by an attractive woman with blonde hair under her straw hat, wearing a sarong.

“Hi sweetie, mind if your momma joins you for a little sun?”

Mindy almost shrieked at the sight of her dad – only dad must have been hiding that womanly boobs for a while.

“It’s a fresh start for both of us, Mindy,” John – now calling herself Juliette – “and when we were looking at all those clothes online, I decided that I wanted some summer dresses and sandals for myself. I also ordered this,” as Juliette showed Mindy a medicine bottle . Gesturing to her chest, “This is how I got these, and soon, baby girl, we’ll both have these and long legs and cute tushies – and we’ll be happy little ladies, and the boys will be watching us tan. And we’ll watch them watch us.”

Mindy bear-hugged her newly feminized parent, and whispered, “Mommy I love you! “ and then looked at Juliette and said with a smirk. “Oh my gosh…. we’re both going to have tan lines!”

Hand in hand, mother and daughter walked to their home, dreaming of the special kind of future a pair of sexy blondes can have.

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