Thursday, September 3, 2009

Annie's Caps - Madame Jae's It's Better To Give

Most of the families that undergo the Madame Jae’s mother/daughter treatment are paid for by the dads who want to give their son or sons a special feminine treat. But this lucky new lady, Jackie (formerly Jerry), was treated tonight by her enterprising sons, Trent (16) and Ryan (14).

Showing a thoughtfulness that few teen boys seem to have their ages, the motivated duo earned money from mowing lawns, washing cars, and delivering papers to pay for a day at the salon for the three of them – all for dad’s birthday!

“I’ll never forget this night,” Jackie said as she wiped away tears of joy. “I had always thought of letting the boys try drag like I had… but their wonderful generosity was only matched by meeting my new daughters, Tara and Rebecca!”

Hey Mom, want to truly thank your girls? How about signing up for Madame Jae’s All-Gurl Cruise?

“OMG! We’re gonna spend a month in bikinis? Mommy, we love you!!”

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