Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ANNIE'S CAPS - Madame Jae's "Fire Women"

Eddie Jansen’s dad Leo had a fire chief, until he got caught in a backdraft and suffered tremendous facial disfigurement from chemical burns. Already a widower at age 45, Leo pleaded with his son to let him suffer in silence and to get out of fire cadet school. Still wanting to honor his dad for years if service, Eddie joined the police academy at age 22, and within two years had joined the vice squad.

Madame Jae and the City Police had long ago helped each other out. In exchange for protecting the thousands of men and boys living out their feminine dreams, the salon gave the undercover boys the ultimate in “cover girl” transformations.

Eddie solved many as case as the gorgeous Emma, and felt more comfortable in her role. The salon owner and Emma became close, and soon Madame Jae gave Eddie an idea for bringing his depressed dad out of his shell.

“It was great for them to rebuild Leo’s look – but then they showed me what Lorraine looked like – and like my new daughter, it felt natural to be a mature sexy woman. Not only do we look incredible – it feels incredible to be looked at,” Lorraine said with a slightly devious smile.

“Hey Mom, see those studs checking us out?” Emma whispered. “Let’s go see if we can start some fires.”

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