Friday, September 25, 2009

ANNIE'S CAPS - 100th POST! - Madame Jae's Special Contest

In honor of Family Tradition’s 100th post, Madame Jae held an online poll to determine the biggest FT fan.

Here are the winners, Roger Pasternak of Roswell GA and his son Trent. Madame Jae flew them into town and checked them into the Ritz Carlton where our team of world class makeup artists, wardrobe consultants, and shamans transformed Roger and Trent into Roselyn and Teresa - a happy, sexy mother/daughter duo!

Instead of heading for the Caribbean or Hollywood, Roz and Terri visited Roger’s ex-wife Carly and their daughter Andrea. Since the divorce, Trent and Andrea had split time between staying with mom and dad. But with the guys now girls, they all loved the idea of shopping and girls night out. Carly now considered Roz her sister, and Terri as her niece.

Where the family broke apart before, now two sisters who are now both proud mothers share lives full of love and joy. Oh and both the moms and daughters enjoy double dating!

A message from the “girls”

Thanks to everyone for Madame Jae, for giving us such wonderful female makeovers! Now if you’ll excuse us, our dates are here to pick us up!

Now, Mom, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! (giggle)

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