Sunday, September 13, 2009

100+ Story database - "Best Of" Family TG Fiction - links to great stories

As Family Tradition nears 100 posts, I thought I would look through my collection of stories written over the past 10-15 years by some of the best authors on the net, and I decided to honor their work in the following way:

On my original Yahoo group, now known as
Family Tradition - Archive 1, I have created in my links section a folder devoted to direct links to over 100 unique stories by about 30 different authors. The stories run the gamut:

1. Seperate folders for some of the most prolific authors in the genre: Alyssa Davis, Ginger Collins, Jennifer Sue, my galpal Jezzi Stewart, and of course, my all time favorite, Karen Elizabeth L.
2. There are many great G and PG stories for those of you with softer sensibilities. "Girls At Heart" by Silly Sissy Sarah is one of those kinds of stories. Another one is Ricky's "The Pretenders" which is not only a great tale of a newly-dressed "mom" and "daughter", it's just a tremendously well written story as well. And you must check out Hebe Dotson's 3-part series "Petticoat Rewards." It will make you horny and cry in the same seating.
3. On the other hand, there are numerous stories that are very raunchy and I tried to mark ever story R, X, or XXX for the heat content. If you don't like them, pay attention to the rating and don't click. This is, after all, an adult blog. But if you do like them, I recommend among others the Bobbie Bazoom "Presto Chango" series. And Alexis DeMoire's "Life in a Full Circle" is very very naughty but very sweet at the same time. And the great thing was finding on Pretty Sissy Dani's own blog some of her long time classics, especially the ones based in the sissy-loving town of Stepford. Finally, Gingerfred Man's sissy classics (especially the ones where father and son learn from each other the joy of being a man's sweet girl) are also here.

If you think of any other multi-family transfomation tales worth sharing, I'd love to see you put them in your comments! Thanks!

IMPORTANT: You must have a Yahoo! groups account in order to view the list. :)

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