Sunday, August 23, 2009

Annie's Caps - Madame Jae's "Surprise, Cousin!"

CARL: Hey, cuz, check out the new you! Hot blonde in the house!

MARC: Evan, you look even more amazing then my brother and I did after taking the Madame Jae’s treatment.

EVAN: I…don’t believe it. I have long legs and long hair… and my voice. My God… I am 100% female from head to toe!

CARRIE: That ain’t all that’s new on you, Erin. Those pert little boobies and very realistic vagina we all now have – that’s part of the Madame Jae’s “upgrade package.”

MICHELLE: Hey, sis, maybe she’ll find a cute guy to help her test her new plumbing ! Just remember to make him use a condom!

ERIN: Guys? Yikes! Until yesterday, I was the one using a rubber!

CARRIE: Well, we’ll go out clubbing later, but first – SHOPPING TIME and a little female bonding with Mom and Aunt Holly.

ERIN: Who’s Aunt Holly? And you know your Mom died years ago! What the hell are you both talking about?

MICHELLE: Well, Mom is who you knew as Uncle Scott… you can now call her Aunt Sabrina. Smoldering brunette – like we are! She’s so beautiful now, and she loves spending time with her new sister Holly. Holly’s a blonde like you are, sweetie!

ERIN: No way! Uncle Scott and my dad – drank it too?

CARRIE: Yep, Uncle Harry is now a MILF who is also getting an introduction to womanhood by our new mom! And of course, she is getting used to having her own pussy and tits!

ERIN: Oh my God – he … she wouldn’t actually have sex with.. You know… a man… I mean… we just normal, lonely guys.

MICHELLE: Sweetie, we all went through this. Now Mom, Carrie and I all have great boyfriends with lots of money - and big dicks - who spoil us with gifts and take us out on romantic getaways.

CARRIE: You’ll see, men are so tasty – and wait until you and your mom get used to flirting with - and sleeping with - sexy men!

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Cyrus said...

This is interesting, because it implies that Madame Jae's transformations might be more than merely cosmetic, as in previous caps.