Sunday, August 23, 2009

Annie's Caps - Madame Jae's Ad Campaign

Here at Madame Jae’s, we specialize in bringing families closer than ever. As a father, has your boorish or irresponsible behavior led to poor role modeling for your son? Is the relationship you and your son share bitter, contentious, or simply non-existent?

By spending a night, a weekend, a week, or longer with Madame Jae’s trained experts, our guests create new feminine identities – or bring forth long dormant feelings. By letting go the vanities of masculinity, parents and children bond in ways only mother and daughters can.

LEFT: Penny & Eliza - Portland

Construction worker Elliott fathered Peter on a one night stand. The boy resented not knowing his father. But PENNY loves going shopping with her “mom” ELIZA. They’re planning a trip to Disney next year.

RIGHT:Wanda & Lisa - Long Island

17 year old Lewis had gotten in the wrong crowd, and his dad Warren didn’t know how to reach him. Last week, WANDA and LISA left Madame Jae’s for an exotic cruise where they bonded as mother and daughter. They enjoyed the warm weather, and turning a few heads along the way.

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