Sunday, August 16, 2009

Annie's Caps - Flower Girls

I would guess that most parents would flip out if their son came to them and said "I want to be a girl."

My Michael did that, and at age 5, he was not saying that to get attention or some other childish prank - he was serious, and Dr. Weiss agreed.

I trusted Dr. Weiss - after all, the year after Michael was born, and Julie left me for another man, I finally faced my own gender identity. I was his biological father, but in every way that matter, I became his mother.

After undergoing SRS, I legally changed my name from Dennis to Donna; a few years later, my new lover Robert asked me to marry him. The week before the wedding, I filed all of the necessary paperwork to change my child's name to Miranda, and we went away on a trip for the first time as mother and daughter.

I bought her a new wardrobe, which including this darling flower girl dress. As she watches me and her new step-dad exchange vows, she will dream of the day she will walk down the aisle and become a wife.

The only thing better than living as a beautiful woman is sharing that joy with my darling daughter.

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